Survivor New Zealand: Thailand. Episode 9

Hell and welcome to this week’s coverage of Survivor: I don’t like anyone and don’t want anyone to win.

The previously on focusses on Dave not using his idol and Renee’s switch. I’ve got high hopes for both of them and Renee is one of about 3 people I’d actually enjoy as the winner of the season.

Back at Camp

Dave has no hard feelings and Aaron feels really good. Adam starts talking about how people underestimate him. Do I smell a comeuppance edit?

Renee asks a boring question about toast. It’s a riot on Survivor NZ. 

Brad and Tessa are chatting about splitting Dave and Eve up but they move onto the idea of getting rid of Matt. Matt is sitting behind them listening to everything. Brad probably finds him intimidating because Matt has curlier hair and can grow a full beard.

Tess really enjoys Renee. Renee is working the social game and integrating with Khangkaw. I’m very excited  by Renee’s post-merge increase in visibility. I do think it’s remarkably stupid for Dave and Renee to go at each other at a point when cracks are forming between Matt and Brad.

Reward Challenge

Race for sandbags, land them in targets. This is a Reynolds throw things at things challenge. The prize is salmon and tuna and bread to make tuna melts. This is my hell. I don’t eat fish, in fact I don’t eat anything that lives underwater.
Brad wins and he chooses to share with Dave as he came second.  When offered a second person to take he chooses Tess. Then Chisholm fakes him out and lets him pic again and he picks Matt. Brad feeds the strong, which seems stupid really.

At the reward Dave talks about his dislike of Renee and pleads his case but Brad and Tess are sleepy and Matt is napping. He should have had this chat during the food not after.

Pre-Immunity Challenge

Dave tells Matt about his idol. Matt is happy as it allows for Dave to idol out a big player like Tess or Brad without getting any bounceback from the majority. I like this thinking from Matt, it’s something to talk about at final tribal but if Brad can be idoled out and Matt can stay tight with original Khangkaw it would massively benefit his game.

Immunity Challenge

It’s an endurance challenge in the jungle. Hold the plates on the poles with outstretched arms.
Eve wins like a mother-fing yoga goddess. This kills the Eve/Dave split.


Renee is worried. Old Khangkaw discuss whether to split or just vote straight Dave. Brad tells Dave he won’t be voting for him but Dave smells right through that everyone else will be voting for him.
Matt, Lisa and Adam sit around and chat about Brad. Adam isn’t happy with the idea of putting 4 votes on Renee and Matt quietly asks if Aam would be willing to vote for Brad. I like this subtle play from Matt, if it doesn’t work he can just lose Renee but if it works he can take control. It would be a great time to get rid of Brad’s idol. It all comes down to Adam not talking to Tess today.

Tribal Council

Arun looks no different. I was hoping he’d like Desiree hot but he just looks like Arun with stubble.
Chisholm begins with an easy question for Eve about how hard she wanted immunity. Then follows up with a question on the impact of the game, which she doesn’t answer. The tribal council continues with a lot of non-answers.
The votes come in and it looks like someone is going home with an idol in his pocket, after 7 votes it’s 3 for Brad, 2 for Dave and 1 for Renee. In the end Brad is blindsided 5-3-1 by Matt and Lisa. What a cracker of a power play by Matt and a lovely move by Lisa as well. There is no way this bites Lisa the way it could come back to bite Matt.

Final Thoughts

This is probably the best episode of Survivor NZ across it’s two season.  I love this move for Matt and Lisa. Matt has realised he was never getting a final three with Brad and that Brad is the centre of the old Khangkaw alliance, now Matt can ride with the 5 who he just voted with or flip back and get rid of Eve or Renee next. For Lisa it’s another power player removed and one more spot open for the goats she feels she needs at the end to win. Lisa is getting a great edit, she’s narrating and she’s getting a lot of positive strategic airtime. She’ll have to know she can’t beat Matt but she’s not dumb enough to ride to the end with him. She’s looking to be with Tara and someone else who she can out talk at the end.

Brad just got too comfortable in the end, he felt secure and it took him out. The two in his alliance who didn’t feel secure with him jumped and took a third. It’s a ba look but this is the area that the fit young men tend to go so it’s not a shock.



Please enjoy this article where Renee shows you around her quite plain home: