Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island Episode 12 Recap: RICE!

Chappies cooks in the dark

Kiran and Tyson are playing an unbelievably good game, but Santoni and Chappies both have advantages, so let’s crack on!

  • Chappies calls the rectangle card of the Tribal Pass a disc. Bro it’s not round.
  • Santoni says she is playing up her anger so people won’t think she knew about Chappie’s and Anesu’s plan and then immediately Kiran says it’s theatrics.
  • Santoni and Wardah get into an argument about everyone saying Anesu was nice. Now Santoni is out for Wardah, she is an enormous wildcard.
  • Chappies has been cooking rice when everyone is asleep. then he puts it in his bag and eats it when everone is gone.
  • Chappies and Santoni discuss the need for Chappies to win immunity and sent Santoni to Immunity Island and then have the tribal pass and idol for the next time.
  • Auction time, Santoni has half the money.
    Santoni and Smash buy for 50.
    Nicole gets the beggars plate for 100, she can beg from any other item, the other person can say no, but she gets to go in the bath no one bid on.
    Chappies get s a chocolate feast for 250.
    Anela gets tapas for 200.
    Covered item to Tyson for 100, it’s fish and chips.
    Another covered item to Tyson for 250, it’s an immunity challenge advantage.
    Kiran gets a scroll for 300 and he has bought himself out of the auction and hands Wardah his last 200.
    Wardah gets another covered item for 200 and it’s a South African classic, she is asked to choose between that and rice for the tribe and chooses the rice.
    Nicole gets the ticket to send the person to Immunity Island for 350 and can send herself.
  • Santoni is very annoyed that Kiran didn’t give his money to her, she is on the war path.
  • Smash seacrhes Chappies bag in front of Wardah, Kiran and Tyson, they find two flints, a stash of sweets from the auction and the Tribal Pass. As that is happening Chappies and Santoni are telling Nicole that they will not be available to vote for at the next tribal. It makes perfect sense for Nicole if Santoni and Chappies are immune to vote for one of the Three Musketeers. But Kiran starts to sell Nicole on convincing Santoni that they will be with her so she decides to save the idol for one more tribal.
  • Chappies goes off at night and cooks rice, mussels, crab and onion so he has energy for the immunity. In the morning Kiran has found it and tells Nicole and Smash. The mistake from Chappies is leaving the pot there and not bringing it back so no one could find out.
  • Immunity Challenge is the ropes race. Chappies wins immunity. Nicole sends herself to Immunity Island.
  • Nicole plays at challenge, it’s a pure speed challenge to open bags and put numbered tiles in order 1-100, she wins and gets the Fire Idol.
  • Santoni and Chappies are targeting Wardah which is insane, Tyson and Kiran are physical threats, Kiran is an unbelievable social and strategic player. Why oh why is Wardah the most dangerous?
  • Kiran goes to play double agent, the plan apparently to send Smash back to camp, for Kiran, Santoni and Chappies to vote for Wardah.
  • Wardah starts working on Santoni, “remember when you used that other idol and you didn’t need to”, “I haven’t heard your name”. Santoni goes to Chappies and they laugh about it. Wardah then tells her pals that she’s going to take the rice with her to tribal so if they vote her out their food goes too. Chappies fills a bg with sand to try and swap over.
  • Tribal is contentious, Chappies dedicates his win to Anesu, Tyson says he cheated, eating the sweets and making his own dinner. Wardah asks Nico what the consequences are, Tyson keeps saying “stole”, (note: Chappies didn’t steal things, he took things that were his that he maybe shouldn’t of) CHappies countered that the Braii reward meat found it’s way into all their pockets and found it’s way back to camp but Wardah claims the difference is they shared it. Wardah also mentions Chappies eating the rice and food, again it’s not stealing, it’s using it and not sharing, not stealing. Yes it’s selfish. Tyson is PISSED. Wardah then comlpains that Chappies swapped the rice SHE TOOK with sand. Santoni says that she doesn’t know why it’s for safe keeping when no one will be stealing it when they are at tribal, and she says Wardah said she was taking the rice so if she is voted out she can take it from them, Santoni says “don’t talk about selfish”.
  • This tribal is so messy I love it. Tyson said he had the majority of the rice, but Chappies takes it out of his bag. Wardah pleads with Nico to make some kind of ruling like a child asking their mother to punish their sibling. Nico asks Nicole about the meat reward. Chappies says he didn’t steal the rice he borrowed it, then Santoni says that Wardah won the rice for the tribe so it doesn’t belong to her and Nico says Wardah sacrificed the rice to the tribe so she in fact stole the rice. Nico says the stealing from rewards is just game play, meat was stolen and everyone was guilty so he can’t judge the situation. Nico reminds them that Chappies sat by the end of the immunity challenge last week so they could all eat more spagetti.
  • Chappies the tribal pass for Smash so with Santoni having the idol, Nicole the Immunity Island necklace and him having the Immunity Idol only the 3 Musketeers are available. Chappies shouts his confessional, “operation destiny, this is for you Anesu”.
  • Nico asks for idols and Santoni plays hers. She says again “rather play one than go home with one”.
  • Votes: Santoni, does not count, Santoni, does not count, Santoni, does not count, Warda, 14th person voted out Wardah. Her last words are “don’t let Chappies win”.
  • Trinket watch: Nicole has the Fire Idol.
  • I cannot help but think this was the wrong vote, Tyson will not ever play with them and he’s an alright physical player, Kiran is so smart, Wardah seemed like the loyal extra. Sending Smash to camp does make it interesting, now it’s two pairs but I fear Chappies and Santoni will not be the choice of Smash and Nicole. I wonder if Nicole would have been more willing to play with Chappies and Santoni in a 3v3 with the idol and the Fire Idol.
  • What are your thoughts?