Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island Episode 14 Recap: “Like the Guy from Ice Age””

Smash and Chappies clink glasses

Let’s see what this season will be without Agent of Chaos Santoni shall we?

  • Back at camp they discuss the fire making challenge and Tyson says that he has to beat Chappies in a challenge to get him out.
  • Smash apologises to those he hurt along the way.
  • Kiran and Tyson discuss that they want Smash gone, that it’s just them. Smash absolutely is a flip flopper, he has not made a strategic room.
  • Kiran gets to Nicole before Smash does, riles her up against Smash.
  • Chappies tries to convince Nicole that it should be them and Smash, that Kiran and Tyson were too good.
  • Reward Challenge: carry water in buckets, bucket based puzzle, release a flag. The reward is steak and mashed potato.
    Chappies wins again. He takes Smash, sensible choice.
    He wants Smash to turn off from the game and just enjoy his time.
  • Holy hell Chappies salts his food to shit.
  • Smash gives Chappies his word that if Chappies does not win he will vote with Chappies and Nicole to vote out Kiran.
  • Chappies does his late night food stealing but Smash watches as he goes. Smash points out that it could be helpful in front of the jury. Smash and Kiran interrupt Chappies and are invited to join in at Chappies diner.
  • Tyson has an injury to his thigh he picked up in the reward challenge.
  • Immunity Challenge: swim, obstacle course, keys, puzzle. This could be Chappies’ downfall, can he get a big enough lead going into the puzzle? Nicole cannot make the key jump which is kind of nonsense, they make these bits too hard for short women.
    Chappies wins immunity.
  • Smash and Nicole agree that they are voting for Kiran.
  • Kiran asks Smash and is told, “yep, it’s you”. Smash says it’s his move and he’s smart enough to paint it as his move but people will just see it as an obvious move.
  • At Tribal Santoni comes in with her rainbow socks, we stan a lesbian icon.
    Chappies is asked about his immunity run.
    Kiran says that they have decided it’s him and then Nico asks when it started going awry for him and he said he doesn’t think it did, Chappies winning immunities hasn’t helped.
    We have to hear about Chappies eating all the rewards and catching food and eating it all. Chappies says he just goes out collects his own food and anyone could do it if they want.
    Kiran says he has calorie counted for years and the energy you expend going after crabs is not worth the calories.
    Nico asks Nicole about the pillars of Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, her answer is terrible, basically she only outlasted.
    Nico says going off and catching mussels could be outwit too.
  • The votes come in and it’s Kiran who is voted out.
  • Kiran played a great game I don’t know where his downfall happened but I think it was probably the inability to keep Santoni and Chappies onside.