Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island Episode 7 Recap: “Tyson caught crabs”

Crabs in a Pot

Hello friends, I am back again after a nice holiday, somehow getting sunburnt in Wales and now it being 27C or 80F in London and breaking out in heat rash, yes, I seem to be allergic to it being warm. Please save all your best jokes about English people for the comments. In my time away I missed being proved right that Paul was a dummy and Santoni swinging like a Newton’s Cradle. Let’s see who she votes out this week!


  • Quick previously on note, I agree with Santoni on two things, A) she’s an idiot for not looking for the Zamba idol the whole time she was there before the 2nd swap and B) better to play your idol badly than be voted out with it in your pocket.
  • Smash lying to the tribe about having an extra vote is an interesting move. At this point people know that if you fail a challenge you have no vote (at least Santoni does) and maybe someone will think he could be useful and vote out Qieän a week earlier.
  • Chappies is ripped!
  • Renier continues an insane level of social play, I am so hoping it will fall apart spectacularly at some point. If it doesn’t he is so well connected and the swaps have gone so well for him that he is in a great position.
  • What is Qieän doing not giving Santoni some cookies??  Then she drops the cooked food, Jesus Christ, keep her guys, she can’t win. Smash is way better than her.
  • I’m British and that “mexican feast” is even offensive looking to me.
  • The challenge is water based and Santoni freaks out because she thought she would die last time. This time Nico promises to come and save her. What a waste, we know from an earlier secret scene that Santoni is a lesbian.
  • Chappies doing bloody Butterfly stroke is a huge flex.
  • As always Vuna have a huge physical advantage and then  Zamba are not good enough at puzzles to close it.  Vuna wins immunity. Zamba could have done with Dino on this one. Vuna send Smash to immunity island, while I think he 100% would have been voted out, also he is a much bigger post merge issue than Qieän.
  • Vuna are eating their Mexican feas and Anesu’s very hot boyfriend appears on a tv screen. We see everyone’s families and they all cry. Highlights were Renier’s toddler and pregnant wife (although he was pleased no one could tell she was pregnant), Marisha’s kids jumping around and finding out Chappies’ wife is also pregnant. Query: if his surname is Chapman, will his baby also be called Chappies? Chapito? Chapinho?
  • Smash stays and plays for a mexican feast and his video, there didn’t seem to be a consequence listed. Smash’s brother looks exactly like a littler version of him! His brother tells Smash to lookbehind him and he finds a note, there is a treasure hunt. (Yes pals Where’s Waldo is called Where’s Wally in the rest of the English speaking world). Smash find “tribal insurance” basically the Fishbach steal a vote. Which means Smash currently has one vote. The steal a vote only applies at one of the next two votes. So he could do it now and he and Qieän would be 3-2 down.
  • Qieän works on Tyson who tells her to work on Wardah and her argument isn’t bad, she is saying that Chappies has turned and if they keep Santoni she will flip back to him. Santoni needs to calm down and stop making it seem like she doesn’t trust them.
  • At Tribal Council Qieän throws Smash under the bus hard. I really enjoyed Wardah saying that Smash won’t work with her because of his battered ego. That he didn’t like that a woman voted for him. Wardah has called out some misogyny this season and it’s fun.
  • In the end Qieän goes home, she never really seemed to get herself into a good position. She was never with the numbers and then the second tribe swap left her isolated. But likely the first tribe swap saved her. Not much to say about a player who would eat snacks in front of her tribe mates and not share, they clearly don’t have the instincts to play Survivor.
  • Next up MERGE.