Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 10 Recap: It’s Like Cluedo

Hello All and by all I assume it’s only like 4 people, one of them being me! Survivor SA season chugs along. The Spitshake 7 is really a Spitshake 9 as Nicole and Durao are in on it through their previous alliance but they are running the game and eventually that will have to break apart. An alliance that is 9/12 people is really an alliance for long. Hopefully we will get some chaos today!

Episode Thoughts:

  • Rain.
  • I like Rob building his forces for when the Spitshake 7 have to split. Talking to Durao and Nicole about the 7 and trying to cement them is a great idea. Rob wants to get to a point where he, Nicole, Seipei, Steffi and Durao can take out Mike, Jacques and Laetitia and finish the season with an Amigos final 4. I only worry both Nicole and Durao could be more loyal to Seipei if she decides to go with Jacques and Laetitia against Rob. But that’s a long way down the line.
  • Reward Challenge is a team challenge for a Spa. Dante, Geoff, Mmaba and Durao go to reward and they send Jacques to IoS. I do not like this decision, Dante says that Jacques will tell them what happened and he’s trustworthy but Mmaba and Geoff should have been fighting to send Mike as their closest ally.
  • Laetitia asking the tribe to vote her out as she is letting people down and feels like she’s losing her dignity in challenges is dumb. She’s in her 50’s, she can’t have expected to be a world beater! Mike is right, it inconveniences everyone to make them vote for her. Mike was right but in trying to convince her to quit he convinced her not to.
  • Dante tries to sell the guy he voted for at the last tribal that they can be an alliance as he’s a free agent. To be honest, it’s not a bad pitch. Dante is not a good game player and he’s shown very loyal. The big issue is that he believes he can trust Jacques and he categorically can’t and Geoff knows this too.
  • Durao spills the beans to Rob immediately.
  • Jacques, Seipei and Cobus sit out for nachos and margeritas. Shocked Laetitia didn’t but then again the face under the grate challenge isn’t really physical. It’s the one challenge in Survivor I think I could well at. I have a really small head so could push my face right up through the grate, I can’t breathe through my nose at all and I’m unbelievably floaty, I can float for hours on my back with no help.
  • Rob wins immunity.
  • Rob tells Dante he’s voting for Geoff. Dante tells Geoff and that they should vote for Nicole, Geoff then tells Nicole. Geoff talks to Rob and Rob is a douche about it.
  • Interesting that Nicole has seen that Rob has all the power and is acknowledging it.
  • Geoff is voted out, this was the right move for half of the Spitshake 7 but there will have to be a reckoning coming up where Mike, Cobus, Laetitia and Durao realise that leaving the Amigos intact is not good for them and that right now they could vote out Rob or Steffi or Seipei but if they don’t act eventually they will be stuck.