Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 12 Recap: “half truths”

So much Survivor. But today we are still in mourning. For our Queen. The Biker babe who owns our hearts. We saw it, we paid for it. Seipei. I love you forever.


  • Dante is somehow so grumpy about not going home. He has forgotten that Mike told him Seipei is going. Dante is the fucking worst at this game. Sure Rob is physical but just be happy it wasn’t you Dante? you didn’t have the numbers!
  • Dante wins reward: he takes Laetitia and Mike, then one more Mmaba. This isn’t bad, that’s 4 people who might be willing to swing. He sends Durao to the island of secrets, which is again a good move from his perspective as he doesn’t know that Durao is Rob’s little sidekick.
  • The Island of Secrets offer is to give up his vote for a cheat code to immunity. He takes it. But Durao is not the guy I associate with a strong intellect or memory.
  • Dante assumed he would go to the reward alone, again, he is a bit of a dummy. He doesn’t even try and talk strategy.
  • At camp Rob talks to Steffi, Nicole and Cobus about voting out Jacques. I don’t like it as an idea, because Jacques takes their numbers down. If Mike, Mmaba, Dante, Laetitia and Cobus can take control.
  • Mike has the discussion with Dante and the women. But they are looking at voting out Jacques and Cobus. WHY NOT ROB?
  • Immunity Memory Challenge: Durao wins! But he’s of no use to either side not having a vote.
  • Everyone is talking to Rob, he is playing an amazing game. But it’s very frustrating to see every group have other targets.
  • At Tribal Steffi goes after Jacques for having an idol and telling half lies as if she wasn’t part of a blindside against Seipei they didn’t tell him about and like Rob isn’t next to her with an idol too. I felt Jacques was completely right, Steffi is a hypocrit, she has been throughout the game. I think I’ve struggled with the level of moralising there has been this season. I like players to own the game, to admit they are doing what their enemies are trying to do to them.
  • Dante was voted out, I get it, he’s physical and he’s impossible to play with. He was really bad at the game. Like really bad. One of the worst players I can remember. The 3 players who went on reward all voted for Jacques and he couldn’t even get on board to do that. Just awful at the game.