Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 5 Recap: “it’s working my nerves”

Another day another overly long “previously on”  on Surivor SA

  • Durao thinks that Jacques can be the one to see him as an asset but it’s Seipei I’d put my money on.
  • Challenge time: Reward, matching tiles nonsense. It’s BIOSTRATH! I think smoothies and fresh fruit would make you shit yourself a lot.
  • I really liked Nathan and Rob sitting out and having a chat about the whole game. But I do not like the idea of Blue throwing a challenge to go into  a 3-3 tie!
  • Good on Meryl for spotting the package behind the “immune boost” painting, good for working with Dante to get it!
  • Geoff’s Island of Secrets choice is dumb, sweets or dry firewood. The Jericho choice. Especially dumb as he just brought them back to camp for everyone.
  • There is an idol hidden at the challenge!!
  • Nathan asking Steffi to throw a challenge, this is dumb, so dumb. There is no need for this now! Why should Cobus not just vote with Geoff, Mike and Mbaba and take out one of the stronger players in Nathan or Steffi.
  • Meryl getting her idol was good. I have her in my fantasy draft so I’m happy. DANTE IS AWFUL. Why is he telling her in front of Rocco that they saw her and it’s a lie.
  • The puzzle takes AN HOUR AND 45. I liked Cobus calling out Nathan for throwing it in the most obvious way. On yellow Jacques will not listen to Seipei. Slid puzzles aren’t super easy but the theory is you do them row by row left to right, so top left, top middle etc. Sandra Diaz-Twine would have destroyed this.
  • How did it take me 5 episodes to notice Geoffrey has a full chest tattoo of an eagle?
  • So Dante convinces Meryl to tell the tribe about her idol because she was seen but we never hear from Nicole of Rob that they saw her. Why tell everyone? why not go off with Rob and Nicole and say “guys, I found this, this is for us 4, we can use it against Rocco and Laetitia if we need to”??
  • “It’s Felix, don’t let him know it’s him”, Durao decides to tell Felix he has an idol. What? why?
  • Not much happens at Tribal, everyone plays their part really well. But we do discover that Jacques is Chumbawamba, he gets knocked down, then he gets back up again, you know you are never going to keep him down etc etc.
  • Felix teaches some vital lessons, don’t be a dickhead. Don’t be bossy. Don’t be high and mighty early on, because a tribe swap might strand you with the people you weren’t nice to originally.

Thoughts? Comments?