Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 9 Recap: Relationships Are More Important Than The Game


I am back! After a week off in boiling hot Lyon where the airbnb I was staying in didn’t even have a fan. I am ready for some new Survivor SA. And it’s the merge episode!

  • I was instantly turned off by Nicole calling herself and her alliances “the heroes”. Bruh, heroes are overrated. HvV showed us that!
  • Dante is a loose cannon and his reaction to Meryl telling him that was something to behold, he doesn’t care how people see him. So obviously he’s an awful Survivor player.
  • The merge feast is always interesting, Meryl is letting all the stories of her idol out. Nicole doesn’t want to tell Seipei and Rob how Nate was voted out. God does that move look stupid now they are sitting at merge and could have booted Dante!
  • Durao is such a dummy, he’s so sweet and foolish. Don’t have a milkshake if you are lactose intolerant!
  • Meryl complaining that Nicole blindsided her by not voting her or Dante out is so dumb. Sure why not go to Rob and Seipei about her throwing Nate under the bus but why make it seem like not voting you guys off was a betrayal!
  • Nicole is on a deep apology tour. Linking herself to Seipei with the idol was smart and dumb, Seipei will fight to keep her to use the idol down the road, but also it’s an idol she can’t use if Rob and Steffi decide they don’t care about her anymore.
  • Double Handed Bucket Immunity Challenge: Steffi wins at 2 hours and 45 minutes and gets to send someone on to the Island of Secrets and they will miss tribal. I hate this, no one extra should be safe after merge. Disgraceful.
  • Steffi chooses to send herself. I see that you can keep your hands clean, whatever happens she wasn’t involved in but it’s also really dumb because Tribal is where the game is really played and where you get the best intel. If you have immunity you should be willing to sit there safe and listen.
  • There are two sides who both think they have Jacques and his extra vote. Dante and Meryl want to go for Geoff and Geoff and Mmbaba want to take out Meryl.
  • The Spitshake 7 have to make a decision, it’s absolutely brilliant for them that at merge the choice is between two people who were on the opposite tribe before the merge. But different members want to keep opposite sides safe. For Jacques, it is more important to try and keep Dante onside and Mike wants to keep Geoff safe.
  • Seipei and Rob want to make sure that whoever they don’t vote out this tribal they take out next.
  • Meryl goes home 7-6 with Durao and Laetitia voting for Meryl but Jacques and his extra vote side against Geoff, this should allow him to try and keep Dante close.
  • We are set up for a great post-merge. There are so any alliances and sub alliances. There are still 3 idols and a fake idol. There are a million ways this could go, maybe we get a Spitshake 7 pangonging of their enemies, maybe at some point everyone realises how powerful the Amigos are. Whatever it may be I get the feeling it is going to be really fun.