Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Get-Hype-Cast

Assistant Dragon Slayer and Kemper Boyd commandeer the podcast for a day to talk you into watching Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets, which premieres mere hours after the Edge of Extinction season finale. Note: The conversation ends abruptly because of an audio snafu right at the end.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: South Africa- Island of Secrets season preview

After stumbling out of the gate, ADS and KB discuss:

  • Why you should watch Survivor South Africa (it’s simple).
  • How you can watch Survivor South Africa (it’s complicated).
  • Nico Panagio: Part Jeff Probst, part George Clooney, part Troy McClure.
  • What on earth “Island of Secrets” could be.
  • Assess the cast based on virtually no information.
  • Get thirsty:
  • Winner predictions



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