Survivor South Africa: Return of the Outcasts, Episodes 19 and 20 recap

Hey there! I’ll be doing this recap, and the next one, before handing back over to ADS for the final episodes.

Firstly, I’d like to give a big thumbs up to the prop/set designers for the signage and theme of geometric shapes, with the nice looking immunities.

Episode 19

  • Dolphins!
  • Dino apologises to Marian for the vote not going the way they wanted.
    Marian confirms that Dino voted for Felix.
    Apparently Phil told Shane to vote Tejan.
    Marian’s wondering if Felix could think they both voted for Tejan.
    “Everything Phillip’s wanted, he’s gotten.”
    Dino’s really distrustful of Phil at this point.
  • Phil notices them missing and goes to join them.
    It’s awkward.
    Phil asks if they think he screwed up the vote split on purpose (Marian heard him tell Killarney to vote Tejan), and their silence implies yes.
  • Phil brings up in confessional that he and Marian have a secret alliance and they trust each other the most, but he doesn’t want to take her to final two.
    It really seems she doesn’t want you there either, bro.
  • Shane tells Felix that it was him, Killarney, and Phil who voted Tejan, in order to show that he does have some agency in the game instead of following the majority.
  • Phil tells Dino that he changed his vote to Tejan when Tejan pulled the idol.
    Phil feels like Dino is throwing him under the bus because he (Phil) didn’t know he was the swing vote.
  • Dino feels like the third wheel in the No BS alliance.
  • Phil really wants the No BS alliance to stay together but he’s fighting a losing battle here.
    Dino’s getting more paranoid and Felix wants to play harder now.
  • Shane wants to vote Phil and Felix off, and go to final two with Killarney.
    Though he thinks he could beat the others with the speech he has planned.
  • Shane tells Killarney in front of Dino that Phil was playing her.
    Shane thinks Dino no longer has a number two so he could maybe slide in there.
  • Killarney is very happy that Shane revealed to her that Phil and Felix are gunning for her.
  • Marian backs Shane’s story.
  • Dino wants to back off and let Shane and Killarney think they’re driving the plans.
  • Treemail comes and the reward challenge is probably in pairs.
  • Felix no longer trusts anyone here.
  • Phil kisses his idol in private.
  • Dino tells Felix he voted for him but it was “by design” to buy trust with the others but he knew the vote was for Tejan.
    (“You look like you don’t believe me.” “… I believe you…”)
  • The Reward Challenge is in pairs (Phil nudges Dino. Sigh.) and the reward is being whisked away for a spa experience.
  • Phil and Felix have a big lead in the challenge.
    Marian and Dino were quite behind but almost catch up to Shane and Killarney.
  • Once they’ve left for reward, Marian flat out tells Nico she’ll be damned if she lets Phil/Felix get to the final.
  • Phil tells Felix not to pull the shit he pulled yesterday.
    Phil puts forward No BS having three votes together.
  • Felix feels something’s off with Phil.
  • Phil’s a little bothered by Felix.
  • Killarney says she can’t trust Marian and Shane, but that her and Dino know that they need them for a majority vote.
  • Dino asks Killarney for her take on what’s going on because she’s always on the pulse and can see a threat a mile away.
    She does not pick up on his insincerity.
    She thinks Phil’s the biggest threat and he’s a selfish player.
    Dino says yes, taking the loved ones reward and advantage is an example of that.
    You all told him to go!
    This whole conversation has not been a good look for Dino.
  • Marian goes through Phil’s bag that he left at camp. (Breaking Toni’s rules!)
    She finds the idol.
    Dino wonders about its powers because it looks different for the others.
    They find the note.
  • At reward, Felix remembers what it’s like to be happy.
  • Monkey!
  • Marian plans to vote out Killarney at 4 but be nice to her and use her in the meantime.
  • Phil tells Dino about his Tribal Council idol.
    Dino thinks he’ll use it to get him out.
    Dino asks Phil if he left his bag at camp, and Phil asks if Shane was looking through it.
    Dino says he did not see Shane.
    Phil says no-one else knows about the idol so if anyone finds out he’ll know Dino told them.
  • Dino says to Felix that Phil’s being weird with him.
    Dino tells Felix they’re good, but that he needs to work stuff out with Phil.
  • Felix now seems on board with the No BS alliance working their stuff out because “better the devil you know”.
  • Phil talks to Marian, who says everyone wants Felix out, especially her and Dino.
    Phil asks if Dino’s freaking out, and Marian says he’s always scared that it’s him.
  • Dino tells Shane that Phil asked if anyone went through his bag but Dino said he didn’t see anyone.
  • Marian tells Dino/Shane/Killarney that she told Phil they want Felix out, and that he agrees.
    Dino tells them he told the guys he wanted to keep the No BS alliance together.
  • Dino has made it to Day 32, so can use his advantage and goes to Outpost, and wins a trip on a houseboat / cruise.
    Also an extra vote.
    The vote can be used on a revote.
    There’s also a bowl of fruit for the tribe.
  • Dino’s leaning towards telling Marian about the extra vote to keep her onside for the next few votes.
    He will not tell anyone about the cruise, because he’s already won the car.

Episode 20

  • A bird and Shane spend time on the beach.
  • Dino returns with the fruit basket.
  • Shane asks how much Dino will reveal about his advantage.
  • He tells the tribe he got a loved ones video.
  • Felix thinks he has an idol.
  • Phil takes credit, in confessional, for keeping Dino in the game.
  • Dino and Phil chat and Dino says he got to practice an element of the challenge, and the challenge plays to Phil’s strengths.
  • Phil had discussed playing his idol for Dino if need be.
  • Dino doesn’t tell Phil about the extra vote.
  • Dino (who had strawberries and chocolate at Outpost) bought chocolates back for Killarney and Marian, but Killarney doesn’t understand why he included Marian.
    She doesn’t mind that he did though.
  • Marian says they’re adopting the Boston Rob buddy system babysitting approach with Killarney because she’s keeping her options open.
    So she’s not allowed to go anywhere alone.
    (A reminder that in Redemption Island that system meant people weren’t allowed to go to the bathroom alone.)
    Marian wants to connect with Killarney because she believes Phil wants her and Felix at final 3.
  • Treemail comes with the vague description of the challenge.
    Phil cheekily tries to ask Dino what he thinks it is, but Dino is out of ideas, which is apparently very unusual.
  • Dino wants to turn on Killarney if either Phil or Felix wins immunity.
  • At this point everyone has beaten their previous amount of days played.
  • Immunity is a ball throwing, digging, puzzle challenge.
    Let’s see if the puzzle gets broken by someone practicing like in US Survivor.
    (Would be funny if it were Dino.)
    “You need to fit your whole body and two balls through.”
    “Marian’s still trying to get two balls.”
    This season’s really been missing the innuendos of the US and AU versions.
    Phil wins immunity.
    It’s his third individual immunity, and he’s won two individual reward challenges.
    He’s still surprised at the challenge beast label.
    Dino hug confirms with him that “we’re still on.”
  • Dino feels like the target.
  • He tells Shane and Killarney that he has an extra vote.
    He also asks them for an hour to build trust with Phil and Felix to see if they can avoid Phil playing the idol for Felix.
    Shane tells Killarney to stick with Marian and avoid the others, and stay with the Felix plan.
    Dino then plans with Shane for them and Marian to vote for Killarney and have Killarney vote Felix, to avoid any of those three going. Dino’s going to try to get the idol off Phil.
  • Phil wants to bring in Killarney so that with No BS there’s four votes.
    Felix thinks this means Phil wants to bring a goat to the end.
  • Dino tells Felix and Phil that Shane keeps wanting to talk to him, with the implication Shane wants Dino to vote Felix.
  • Killarney fills Marian on the plan for Dino to infiltrate the No BS alliance, and says if they come and ask her to be the swing vote just play along.
    Marian doesn’t trust Killarney but is fine for her to think she’s taking the lead for now.
  • No BS suggests roping in Killarney by saying they have the numbers so vote with them or go to fire.
    Dino points out that at final 6 it’s rocks and fire isn’t until final 4.
    Phil points out it doesn’t matter because no-one will vote to save Killarney.
    Killarney needs to be given a name to vote for, though.
    Dino’s giving them BS because he thinks they’ve been playing him for a while.
    Then he gets defensive about the idea of voting Marian because he doesn’t know if Felix has noticed, but Marian and Killarney have been spending more time together.
  • Felix identifies Dino as the weakest member of No BS due to his relationship with the others, especially Marian.
  • Dino tells Phil that he’s still his primary alliance.
  • Phil doesn’t want to annoy Felix by voting out Dino (oh, buddy), so he feels voting out Felix and preserving the Dino relationship (until voting him out as well) is the best play.
  • Phil wants the experience of playing an idol for someone so he intends to play his idol for Dino.
    (But he also intends to vote Dino at the next Tribal.)
  • Dino doesn’t trust Phil saying he wants to play the idol for him instead of just giving it to him.
    So he thinks he’s giving the idol to Felix.
  • Marian says to Dino that Phil’s probably playing the idol for Felix.
    Dino says he is 100% doing that, and Phil will be loading up votes on Felix and then him and Felix are voting for Dino.
    Marian’s going to pretend she has an idol nullifier to trap Phil.
  • No BS discuss that they and Killarney are voting Shane.
  • Phil brings Tejan’s stick of power to Tribal.
    The jury and players left exchange serious looks.
    Talk is of trusting people and relying on them.
    Killarney says she doesn’t know if people have a number one in their mind for sitting next to at the final, but there are people you lean towards as possibilities.
    Meryl asks Steffi who Killarney’s number one is.
    Steffi smiles and doesn’t reply (that we see).
    Dino says some people are confident in their game and some people know they need to play harder.
    Shane thinks there’s still time for big moves to impress the jury, and tonight could be confusing.
    Cue Marian spinning the tale of the idol nullifier and Dino playing unawares to Phil.
    The jury is entertained.
    It’s voting time, and the jury are all discussing potential advantages.
    Meryl says anyone would be stupid to save Dino at this point.
    Dante: “You’re telling that to the people who played with him.”
    Phil plays his “beautiful” immunity idol for Dino.
    Dino tells him he owes him an apology tomorrow.
    (Phil: “Declined”.)
    1 vote Shane, 3 votes Killarney, 2 votes Felix
    Dante: “So there was a plus one.”
    Meryl: “Dino has it.”
    A third vote for Felix means a tie.
    The extra vote goes back into the urn for a revote.
    “Just to be clear, there is no idol nullifier in the urn.”
    Felix is voted out.
    Dante tells Killarney/Shane/Marian to take Phil and Dino out by whispering with finger gestures.