The 5 Survivor Bonus Clips Worth Watching This Week – Worlds Apart Episode 3 “Crazy is as Crazy Does”

Because life is too short to watch all the clips CBS posts each week, I’m here to let you know which ones are worth your time (because apparently, my life is not too short). In addition, I’ll offer analysis of what these extra insights might mean for the game.

Spoiler alert: “worth watching” is going to be a bit of stretch this week. Much like the actual episode itself. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if it feels like the editors are straining to get to 42 minutes of footage in the actual episode, there’s not going to be a lot of greatness in the leftovers.

A Partner In Crime

Shirin talks about how great it is to partner up with a fellow Survivor nerd in Max.

Analysis: Since I’m confident John will find a way to talk about this clip on the podcast, you may as well watch it now. It’s this level of Survivor nerdery that made John drive the bandwagon in the first place. For long-time fans of our work, pay extra attention to 1:20 mark where Shirin talks about how people always say they “aren’t [t]here to make friends”. That sound you may hear is not a howler monkey, but rather John’s most shrill fangirl scream. Shirin is here to make friends. Unfortunately for her, it seems like she’s struggling to get to the plural of that word. There’s also other videos of Carolyn and Joaquin revealing that they’re definitely not on Team Shirin that I’m not including, since they don’t tell you anything you didn’t already know from watching the episode.

Two Unexpected Things

Max talks about how difficult its been being this fucking bored and around these fucking people. (Emphasis mine).

Analysis: If this was in the episode, it would’ve been a big red flag against Max. Yes, it sucks having to make the same inane fucking small talk with the same fucking people all day and all night, but… it is what it is. But since they’re not building that arc on the show, I’m not too worried about him expressing these feelings. I’m guessing there’s a lot of people who say similar things in confessionals. Cochran mentioned on the Survivor Roundtable that it was the hardest aspect of the game for him.  I don’t like that this is the second instance of Max talking about how he seeks out alone time though. That’s a red flag.

Mostly, I think this one is worth watching for what he talks about in the end: that he now gets why people get emotional at the family visit episode whereas previously he thought it stupid. EVERY time we get the loved ones episode, message boards are full of internet tough guys who lament the fact that people are crying over missing loved ones for a couple weeks, and it always bothers me. You’d think that after 25 or so of these (don’t know off the top of my head how many seasons didn’t have loved ones visits) that maybe you’d clue in to the idea that maybe this is a natural reaction? That maybe you, sitting there on your couch, might not have the necessary perspective to judge those who have had all their comfort and familiarity stripped from them while competing in a zero sum game where every three days people could deem you unworthy? Maybe it’s possible that a situation like that does something to you mentally? Just maybe?

Woke Up In A Bad Mood

Kelly describes the mood of the tribe after Mike and Rodney’s latest kerfuffle. Yeah, kerfuffle. I went there.

Analysis: Just thought you guys might want to know what this Kelly person on this season looks and sounds like. She actually seems like a pretty sensible lady. She sees how the strife isn’t bad for her, but recognizes that too much could burn them in a potential swap. So that’s a positive. She might know this game.

It’s Mike Time All The Time

Sierra shares her perspective on Mike’s “helpful” work ethic.

Analysis: And here’s what Sierra sounds like! Kinda like an extra on Fargo. In case you were wondering if Mike is actually a problem, or if it’s just that Rodney is lazy and Lindsey is abrasive, no. Mike is annoying everyone with his worker bee shit. Both Kelly’s and Sierra’s videos (and the episode itself) tells you that if they don’t get their shit together, Blue Collar is about to get Tandanged. Which I think is what the edit is telling us. They aren’t showing us all the blue collar strife because they’re about to go to Tribal Council. They’re showing it to explain why they implode later.

Rodney Was Upset

More of the same about the Mike/Rodney beef, this time from Lindsey

Analysis: I don’t care what others may think, I’m loving Lindsey as a narrator. She starts this off explaining why Rodney wanted to wait to work, which makes you think she’s just Rodney’s sidekick. But then she starts talking about how ridiculous Rodney is. Hot takes! I’m in on the Lindsey experience. Insult everyone for our benefit.

Andy is the co-host of the podcast, where he fights against the “Canadians are humble” stereotype every week. He’s also considering changing this feature to “The Three Survivor Bonus Clips Worth Watching This Week”. You can follow him on twitter @andy_sayers as long as you remember that time zones and children keep him from watching Survivor at the same time as you.