The 5 Survivor Bonus Clips Worth Watching This Week – Worlds Apart Episode 9

Because life is too short to watch all the clips CBS posts each week, I’m here to let you know which ones are worth your time (because apparently, my life is not too short). In addition, I’ll offer analysis of what these extra insights might mean for the game.

The things you don’t need to watch this week: people really enjoy eating brand name chocolate bars. Like, really.

I Was Feeling Me Again

Another Rodney impression of Mike. Other stuff to start, but I repeat: another Rodney impression of Mike.

Analysis: With the possible exception of Will sliding face down, face first as though he’d just been taken out by a sniper, the highlight of this episode was easily Rodney’s impressions of Mike and Dan. Here it is again, with some preamble that suggests that when he’s not so hungry all the time, Rodney can be a funny guy. God help me, but Rodney might be winning me over a bit. Quick, someone play me a clip about him talking about women holding themselves to a higher standard again!

Classic SURVIVOR Question

Mike talks about flipping, backstabbing, and when to make a move.

Analysis: This one’s an on-the-spot interview, where they pull someone aside to comment on something in the moment. It’s a must watch to see that Mike really had a good head for this game. Perfectly explains how he’s aware that people will flip on him so he has to be prepared to do it first. He’s ready and will have no compunction against doing so. I particularly like how he delineates between the biggest threats of THE game and the biggest threats to HIS game, which might not be the same thing. Which goes back to his Joaquin over Joe decision and why I always supported it. It’s such a good interview that had they included it in the episode, we probably all could’ve skipped to the end of the season to watch Mike get his oversized cheque. (Yes, cheque. With a Q. You Americans are the ones that spell it weird).

Jenn Is Intriguing To Me

Tyler talks about how awesome Joe is and how Jenn is the opposite.

Analysis: If you’re one of those “Tyler is playing an amazing game” types, then this video is your catnip. Guy has a decent read on the game and the options available to him. Before you get too hyped about that, keep in mind that NONE of this has been on the television show called Survivor. The absence of clips like this on the actual show when they exist could be telling. If you’re looking for a way that Jenn could improve her current position, Tyler has an idea.

Secret Scene: No Time Alone

Joe is having difficulties sneaking away to make his art.

Analysis: On the episode, we watch Joe have a convo with Dan and then take off to make his fake idol. They show the panic of Dan’s group at yet another Dan fuck up, as leaving Joe alone was not something they wanted to happen. This extended clip really underscores Dan’s mistake, as the alliance had made a concerted effort to not give Joe any alone time, up to and including Rodney following him when Joe said he was going to the bathroom. So Joe needs to come up with another idea to get away, and immediately targets Dan as his patsy. So if you’re wondering, no, it is not lost on people out there that Dan is a doofus. Also, for all you people wondering why Joe didn’t look harder for the idol, here’s an explanation.

Ponderosa Joe

Joe is the second person in the jury house. Unsurprisingly, he cleans up well.

Analysis: You think people get broken up unnecessarily on the family visit episode? Joe is in tears here for missing out on the family visit. In his perfect man bun choking back beautiful tears. If he were to, say, enter a competition where fans had the power to vote him back onto a future season of Survivor, all he’d have to do is post this video on his Twitter and Facebook fan pages and he’d be set. Also of note: he critiques his strategy (which he thinks wasn’t that great), discusses why the women’s alliance didn’t work out (Tyler got spooked and shut it down), Hali has figured out from TC that it was Will who betrayed her instead of Shirin, and Joe thinks Tyler could win it all. Also, Hali is stunning. That’s a beautiful jury so far.

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