The Purple Rock Podcast’s Ultimate Survivor Bracket preview

A terrible Survivor player once famously said that there is a flaw in the game. The “flaw” he uncovered is that viewers don’t get to decide who wins Survivor. While that argument is laughably stupid, most of us watch the show rooting for- or against- certain players. So wouldn’t it be fun if we did get to vote for something? (Let’s all choose to forget that one time we voted to give Rupert a million dollars.)

Fortunately for you, your friends at the Purple Rock Survivor podcast put together this Ultimate Survivor Bracket. 64 Survivors, divided up into eras and pitted against each other:

Graphic by @sylvisual (Click for the full-size version. It's amazing.)
Graphic by @sylvisual (Click for the full-size version. It’s amazing.)

Starting this week, we’ll be doing rounds of voting for each division. The divisions are:

  • Old School- Seasons 1 through 6
  • Second generation- Seasons 7 through 12
  • Age of the Returnee- Seasons 14 through 19
  • New School- Seasons 20 through 29

Why these specific players, you ask? These are the criteria we used for automatic entry:

  • Winning a Survivor season (winning a season in a given division automatically slotted the player in that division, with one exception- and yes, we argued about it: Boston Rob)
  • Inclusion in the Survivor Hall of Fame
  • Playing Survivor at least three times

That got us to 42 players. For the remaining 22, a super-secretive committee started an email chain littered with expletives, death threats, and insults. In the end, we arrived at exactly 22 players that at least 75% of us could agree on.

As for the brackets, there will be a blog post for each division with polls for each match-up. You can use whatever criteria you want do determine how to cast your vote. The process is pretty self-explanatory, but I’m going to explain it anyway. Because hey, maybe you’re like Russell and don’t understand basic game rules. On each division’s post, you’ll see a match-up like this (but with a quick blurb between the matchup and the poll):


Vote for your winner, click that beautiful round “vote” button, and move on to the next match-up. If a match-up angered you/pleased you/aroused you, feel free to comment on it at the bottom of the post. Then check back here regularly, as we’ll be posting results and moving on to later rounds of voting. And feel free to share the link with any Survivor fans you know, so we can get their votes too.

If you want to know when results are posted and new rounds of voting are open, of if you just want to talk to us in 140 characters or less, follow us on Twitter:  And while you’re at it, subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes: Subscribe to The Purple Rock Survivor Podcast

That’s all for now. A big thanks to everyone that helped Andy and I put this together: Matt, Emma, and Mark (@sylvisual).