The Purple Rock Survivor Podcast live game show thing!

Not to be confused with any sort of trademarked or copyright-protected existing properties!

Hey, remember when we threatened to stage a game show for you all to come and watch and hopefully participate in? Good news, everyone! Your comeuppance has arrived!

We will be doing a live, Zoom-based “Familial Feudishness” game that our legal department assures us is perfectly reasonable. The game will take place on Saturday, June 13 (or 13 June for you non-Americans) at 9:00 pm Eastern time (I don’t know what time that is for non-Americans, and I won’t be bothered to learn).

The game will feature two “families”, captained by commenters. The commenter/captains for the game will be Blurry Denzel and EmAndScoutInBK. Their “families” will be made up of PRP staff, drafted by schoolyard pick so that we will all have someone to make fun of for being picked last.

Part 1: The part wherein you are important and needed

For this very creative and totally original game format that is definitely not based on any existing intellectual property, we’ll be surveying you all for answers to questions, then trying to guess what your answers are.

DO NOT tell Blurry Denzel, EmAndScoutinBK, or anyone on PRP staff what the questions are. We’re very serious about our dumb games being fair (this is your cue, person who will definitely bring up Tyson’s fantasy league merge points).

Please click here and answer all the questions:

Part 2: The second part wherein you are needed, though admittedly less important

Come back here on Saturday, June 13 (again, 13 June if you’re nasty) and click on the link to join our Zoom group. We want you to interact with us, with each other, and also with…

Part 3: The third part wherein you are important, needed, and genuinely good humans

…the organization which we will be raising money for. We’ll be selecting a specific organization, and encouraging you all to donate to that organization during the live event. It’s obviously not mandatory, but we never ask you for anything (other than never mentioning Island of the Idols again).


In summary:

1. Answer the questions.

2. Come back here on Saturday, the 13th day of June.

Link to join us on Zoom:
Password: prp

To choose your display name for the chat:

  1. Sign out of your pre-existing Zoom account.
  2. Click the webinar link above.
  3. Fill out this prompt with the name you wish to display (you don’t even have to give a real email address):

Note when chatting: address all chat messages to Panelists & attendees, not just Panelists.

3. Be generous if you can.