The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 2

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Worlds Apart episode 2 (To download, right-click and select “Save link as…”)

Get your pixelating blurs ready, because this episode is filled with a whole lot of ass. There’s the anatomical ass, with nearly a third of the cast baring theirs. Then there’s the dumb ass, a role played by several people in this episode. 

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But I’m convinced most of you don’t even read this post, so I’m just going to half-ass my way through the rest of it. Here are the things we discuss:

1. Survivor.

2. Best blurred asses in Survivor history.

3. What is the best way to prepare kale?

4. Chewbacca.

5. Fuck it, 3 hours of how amazing Shirin and Max are until John’s voice finally gives out.

Of course, we always welcome your comments. Please note that any comments regarding Shirin and/or Max that are not unironic and effusive praise will be mocked. You can leave a comment here, tweet us @purplerockpod, or email us at purplerockpodcast on gmail. Thanks for listening!