Upcat 7/4/22: A Monday Edition

You know, it just crossed my mind that most civilized countries don’t write their dates like that. I’m sorry if i made someone think that it was still April. Nope! Just a random hot day in July. I finally watched Only Murders in the Building and I binged it. Great show. It’s making me wonder what other great shows I’ve been missing out on. I was also late to jump on the bandwagon for the band Sparks. They already have well over twenty albums. And so far they’ve all been amazing. I was also late to work today because of a train, but that is neither here nor there. Also, if you don’t want to talk about television or music or trains, talk about something else! This is just a spot for the PRP community to chat about whatever. Anything!

Except for the ending of Stranger Things. Do not chat about that.