Updog week 1 post

Hi! It’s summer, and most of America needs to stay away from other humans in the interest of public health. But you, fine people, can interact here guilt-free!

This picture is from October of 2016. Or, as I like to call it, “The Before Times”.

These posts are just here for your general bullshitting in the comments, and they’re not getting publicized on Twitter. Perhaps sometimes I’ll suggest topics to discuss. Maybe I’ll put a stupid meme here. I don’t know. It’s an updog post, so anything could happen.

I’ll try to make one of these per week (unless we have other site content going up).

Suggested topics for discussion this week:

1) Favorite quarantine recipes

2) Whether these posts should be so ephemeral that I delete the old one each week when I make a new one

3) Television shows you’ve been binging because there is so little else to do

4) Brad