Worlds Apart Zero Percent Club- Episode 4

Hey Purple Rock Fanatics, before I begin the fourth post about the Zero Percent Club I wanted to talk a little bit about how I don’t follow my own damn advice. Remember when I said that I do not believe that every episode is equal in terms of telling the story of who wins the show? Well there I went making snap judgments based upon two “less important” episodes when the swap was coming up. Did the swap change my opinion that no one on the blue collar tribe could win? Well maybe, but read on to find out who!

Last week I took the time to talk about everyone, but from week to week I will be focusing on those who have had their positions altered or were the focus of the episode in some way. And so, without further ado…

The No Way in Hell Group:

Joe: Joe is actually in a dangerous spot at the moment.  I think he is viewed as a huge threat and he is isolated from the rest of his alliance at moment. So why is Joe still safe? Because that tribe isn’t losing and he only has to survive one (or two) more votes until the merge.

Jenn: I think Jenn is winning. There, I said it. Until I am convinced otherwise, this is where Jenn belongs.

The Wet Blankets: Carolyn struck fast, and Tyler seemed to be picking up possible allies on his new tribe. I don’t read too much into Tyler’s big Statute of Liberty impression (remember Aras on the mountain), but you can’t deny they are both doing quite well. I still think their lack of personality isn’t a good sign for their chances of winning, but maybe they just really are that boring and humorless all the time.

wet bandits 3

They Seem Ok Now, But Could Fall Quick:

Hali: Hali is in a bit of an odd position in my eyes. I think she is third likeliest to win in her alliance, but it’s hard to see a path to the end for her without Joe or Jenn. And I don’t think she can beat either of them. She might even have a tough time beating Will in a final vote despite being much more likely to make it that far than Will is. That said, Hali is still showing no negative signs. Enough screen presence, good alliance.

Hang in There Baby:


hang in there

(Editor’s note: Matt was not coerced in any way to keep Shirin out of the Zero Percent Club. At least not in any way that I will admit to.)

Zero Percent Club

Geez who haven’t I put in here?  Well no one new this week since half the remaining cast is in here:

Nina: GONE!

Lindsey: GONE!

Kelly: Despite surviving the first vote in the swapped tribes I think Kelly is in danger here. If that alliance was acting strategically they would realize that Blue Collar is the biggest threat numbers wise. Kelly is how they can hurt that alliance. I think if Kelly was the winner they would have shown her flipping as being more important than Carolyn flipping. Instead they showed Kelly flipping only after it was a foregone conclusion.
Joaquin: Joaquin has bonded with Tyler recently, and previews show him bonding with Rodney. But do you really think anyone associated with Rodney can win this game?

Will: Will was reintegrated into his alliance, but I still don’t think he has a chance of winning for all the reasons we’ve covered in the past.

Mike: Mike came off two straight episodes looking awful. He was bossy, he worked too hard, he got into pointless arguments. So what happened this week? Mike looked good again! He even roped in Dan and Rodney!

Mike is their leader.
Mike has shined in the important episodes, which shows that he didn’t deserve to be zero-percented. But there are no take-backs in the Zero Percent Club, so maybe the show is compensating for the fact that he is playing a good game but will get screwed by people like …

Silly Mike that isn’t a person!  Mike will be screwed by…

Dan: Dan is the worst, and I for one actually find his bumbling pretty damn entertaining in the way that someone being terrible makes everyone else’s job much harder. Would Tony have been as fun a winner without Kass? Well Dan may just be this season’s Kass. And I, for one, welcome it.

Rodney: The third member of the Blue Collar alliance of the doomed. Rodney may have survived a vote, but he doesn’t stand a chance. Just remember the day he found his dead sister is only “probably” the worst day of his life. I really don’t think you need the qualifier there, buddy. And that doesn’t even touch on the awfully sexist shit that he was spewing this week. There is no way they would show their winner saying the hateful shit that Rodney was saying.

Sierra: Sierra’s purpose seems clear, she will tear down the Blue Collar alliance’s chances of winning. But does she herself stand a chance of winning? I still say no.

Summary: (people in bold have been eliminated)
Me: Will, Rodney, Nina, Dan, Mike, Sierra, Kelly, Lindsey, Joaquin
Andy: Will, Rodney, Nina, Dan, Shirin
John: Will, Rodney, Nina, Dan, Carolyn (spite!), Joaquin (hatred!), Alec

Matt is the founder and president of the Andrew Savage fan club, and remains amazed that Savage was never invited back on the show (Editor’s note: Yet! See a future post/podcast for more details.). You can’t follow Matt on Twitter, because he doesn’t want you to.