Survivor Game Changers beef: Cirie Fields vs Sandra Diaz-Twine

In the history of Survivor, there have been many petty beefs between players. Almost none of them are worthy of your concern or attention. But this? This is huge.

In hip-hop music, an argument between two rappers is known as “beef”. For this Survivor: Game Changers preview, I’ll be exploring perhaps the most fascinating beef in the game. The queens are at war, and there’s only one crown. 

Much like you, as Game Changers pregame press began trickling out, I sought out all the interviews given by some of my returning favorites- I want to get hyped for the season, and then in turn get you hyped for the season. But this time, I stumbled across something unexpected: Sandra and Cirie have beef, y’all.

This is not “OMG Scot and Alecia from Kaoh Rong hate each other!” I haven’t thought about those two since Kaoh Rong ended, and probably won’t ever again. Their feud is meaningless. This feud is between two Survivor Hall of Famers. These are legends of the fucking game. And they’re two of my all-time favorites.

I cannot overstate this: This is the Biggie vs. Tupac of Survivor beefs. This is Beyoncé vs. Adele, only if Adele was like, “Fuck you and your garbage ass album, Bey! Put that hot sauce back in your bag!”

Like me, your first thought upon discovering this beef was probably, “No! No, queens, not like this!” You wanted these legendary women to combine forces and dominate. You thought you wanted a Cirie-Sandra alliance, because you love them both. Even Probst was on board for that.

I am driving the Probst fan bandwagon now. We converted him, guys!

But if we’d set aside our own hopes and given it any thought at all, we would have known that these two weren’t likely to pair up. Cirie is not here to help your favs- she came to slay your favs. Cirie did not get her ass up off the couch for any other reason than to win a million dollars.

This isn’t just Cirie looking out for Cirie, though. This is something different. Everyone knows Cirie is out to win, but the players are giving their interviews in pregame Ponderosa- where they aren’t allowed to talk to each other at all- and people are still picking up on the Cirie-Sandra vibe. What the fuck is causing this bad blood?

To paraphrase Beef Laureate 2Pac: “First off, fuck Cirie and the clique she claim.”

There it is. This beef is about respect. Cirie disrespected the crown. And Sandra is not having that shit. I do laugh at the idea that since they’re both from Connecticut they should get along; if I’m ever on Survivor, all my fellow Floridians can go fuck themselves. But did Cirie really say Sandra didn’t deserve either of her wins? Time for some detective work.

Oh wait, I just remembered that I’m lazy as fuck. But I did manage to Google “Cirie Survivor Hantz Sandra” (which sounds like some weird word salad from a demented Survivor fan). And as near as I can tell from my minimal efforts, Sandra is referring to this interview Cirie gave to Survivor Oz.

Well this hurts. Cirie said Russell should’ve won Heroes vs. Villains. If she’d said Parvati, we’d all forgive her; everyone loves Parv now. But Russell? Damn. Cirie isn’t here for your favs because Cirie doesn’t even have the same favs. She’s slaying your favs because they aren’t hers, not because they aren’t her.  So pour one out for the True Queens alliance we’d all been hoping for; it isn’t happening, y’all.

But here’s a crazy thought: What if this is even better? When LeBron James played against Dwyane Wade, they’d both take their games to another level, and the results were spectacular to watch. So wouldn’t it be an amazing viewing experience to see two legendary heroes battling it out? How could that possibly be bad?


I’ve given up on hoping that this is all some elaborate pregame ruse, and that the beef is staged to cover up a secret alliance. I’m gonna sit down with a knife and fork and eat this beef up. Hit me with some venom, Gordon Holmes!

Translation: “Oh, she’s on my level? COUNT THA RINGZ!”

Sandra isn’t here for a cold war- she’s ready to chop heads. But how does Cirie feel about this beef? If Sandra is talking shit, you gotta assume Cirie is gonna clap back, right? Give us the answers we need, Wigler!

Oh shit! Cirie just hit Sandra with the Mariah Carey!

Ok, now I’m into this shit. I didn’t want this to happen, but now that we’re here I kinda dig it. Light each other up, queens! Scorch the earth! Sandra, ether this fool!


Cirie, are you going to take that shit lying down on your now-fucked couch? Or are you gonna show her what the five fingers said to the face?

Can I get a ruling from the judges on this one?

Sandra claiming GOAT status while Cirie calls it goat status. Cirie’s not even having this queen shit- she downgraded Sandra to a “little Puerto Rican princess”. Fuck yo tiara!

Now there’s no going back. This needs to happen. There is only one throne, and there can only be one queen upon it. They may start off on different tribes, but if we can get through the first two votes by getting rid of some fodder, we can get the head-to-head matchup we need. But before it happens, you better declare your allegiance:

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210 thoughts on “Survivor Game Changers beef: Cirie Fields vs Sandra Diaz-Twine

    1. Maybe this is mixing metaphors, but wouldn’t the Queen of Survivor Gossip have her little birds reporting that to her by now?

      1. You got to remember that we are talking about the stone age of Survivor, where we don’t immediate access to all of the Survivor gossip. You also have to remember that we are dealing with two women who barely uses social media. Sandra just started her Twitter account while Cirie barely tweets at all.

  1. Maybe they decide to just go after each others’ allies first until there is no one left except the two of them at the end. What if they decided they wanted to take each other to the end just to see who actually deserves it?
    I know they won’t, because they’re smarter than that. I’m just stretching for ideas to make the dream of a final tribal council with both queens there come to life because I really really want this to happen, even though it probably never will.

    1. I like this, because an entire season of feuding Cirie and Sandra confessionals trashing each other would be amazing. It might even lead Survivor to do a Cirie v Sandra season!

        1. Then Andy can get his proof we would not treat a 5th time Cirie win against idiots like a 4th time Rob win against idiots.

        2. It would probably lack that particular gimmick because unless it was a sass-off, I’m not sure redemption island is saving either one of them so we would complain much less about it

    1. I can’t believe @disqus_GpYJ355BVM:disqus didn’t share this first. @Hornacek:disqus is right, she’s a sham!

      1. I’m surprised he tagged Sandra. He probably though he was just taking a picture with some fans, not actual game-changing castmates.

      2. I got so close to analysing if any of them seem like they have lost weight and realised they finished filming in the summer.

        1. Same! But Cirie and Sandra both have such massive boobs that it’s hard to tell from this angle. Cirie’s legs look great though – for a sec I thought she had left the sizing sticker on the thigh of her jeans (which is something I would definitely do if I’d gone down a few sizes, lol)

          1. She apparently spent a good long while working out to minimise the view she is a challenge liability. So if you look at cast photos she’s in the best shape she’s been in on the show.

    2. Maybe them going out on Survivor got them to drop the beef. Remember, these interviews happened over a year ago.

        1. I know, this picture scares me- especially with Ciera there. And Caleb would be dumb enough to post it.. If both Sandra and Cirie go out pre-jury, I’m going to be gutted.

      1. Literally the point dude. Like I’m excited they might have been friends on the how.

  2. This article was hilarious, but also depressing because I want my two queens to rule together 🙁

    Also, I <3 the Mariah gif. She is a master of shade.

  3. I mean, it’s either the greatest Survivor beef of all time, or the greatest Survivor sham of all time. Whether made up or a legit ruse to distract everyone, it will be Survivor history.

    1. Or in the darkest timeline…one of them goes in the first week and the Cirie/Sandra relationship never becomes a thing beyond pre-game and internet speculation.

      I’m going to squeal with delight if any of this makes it to air- an actual plotline about Cirie & Sandra’s relationship is everything I want.

          1. Yeah, at that point you need to transfer all the Ponderosa staff to filming Cirie & Sandra: Frenemies.

          2. Nah. Being pre-jury in an All-Stars seasons has to suck a shit ton. No filming it. Give them time by themselves to process what happened.

          3. I think it depends on what season. According to Rob Cesternino, his pre-jury trip sucked because he was he ended up having to go horseback riding. However, I imagine that either Cambodia’s pre-merge trip or the HvV contigent of Tom, James, Tyson, and Rob would be fun videos.

          4. I’m sure that foursome had a lot of fun, but that trip also includes Randy, who, by his own admission, spent the whole time fighting with his handlers.

          5. I haven’t heard that but it makes sense to me. But that also just seems to support what I’m saying. People respond all kinds of ways to being voted off early, especially when they’ve been tagged as an all-star. Sticking a camera in their faces for our amusement isn’t necessarily a good idea or fair to them.

    1. I am standing in between and I will support the victor. But if it’s like a football team thing where you can’t like both, then it’s Sandra, sorry Cirie, I love you I do but Sandra.

        1. Frankly the only thing I understand in “you can only like one, there is no liking both” is football teams. I have soft spots for other teams but Arsenal is my team, I am die hard, I hate teams and people based on nothing but I know I should.

  4. By the way, I’m 100% Team Sandra here. I’m human, and so I love Cirie. But if she can’t see the skills that brought Sandra to the end as far more than a goat, she’s not a gangster in an Oprah suit, she’s a Johnny Fairplay in an Oprah suit [(hat is, Johnny Fairplay with a social game). And if Cirie can’t understand how Survivor functions better than a Fairplay or a Russell Hantz….well, that ain’t Sandra’s fault and that’s the kind of foolishness Sandra knows how to destroy.

    1. It’s a worry she can’t see what it is Sandra did to get to the end and deserve to win each time. That seems like quite the short coming in Cirie’s game.

      1. I just like my theory that she only really respects the alpha males, even though her greatest successes in this game came from girl power (the Bob Dawg vote, the BWB).

    2. My hope is that she’s more perceptive when she’s in the game and only spouts this crap about stuff she had to watch on TV. She’s super bitter, is what I’m saying, and with her record I can kind of see it.

  5. I’m house of Sandra all the way! Although, if Sandra can’t pull off the triple, then I would like to see Cirie finally get to FTC.

    1. Also I’d secretly love a Sierra, Cirie, Ciera final 3 because they would need a spelling chart so Jeff would know who everyone is trying to vote for lol

      1. I desperately want a vote to be decided by one of those three tricking some doofus (optimally Debbie) into writing down the wrong name.

        1. Or if there’s a really close vote and everyone writes something like “Cierra” and Jeff has to go person by person and ask who they meant XD

          1. Ooh, what if Ciera gets the coveted last name moniker by Probst? If she gets called Eastin all season, we’ll all be robbed.

          2. I do enjoy Probst having to pretend to be cool last naming a woman. He just about pulled it off with Wiglesworth and Wentworth. I honestly think Tall Girl will get last named if one of them does. Which is great because it will confuse JT.

          3. Frankly it should be Ciera and the tall girl whose here because Natalie got a concussion.


            There’s a pretty good chance Tony at least considered doing this.

          5. But — shocking twist! — Sierra has bigger stilts in her bag because she is a stilt-walking champion! (Why do I remember that?)

        2. I share your desire, it would be so amazing, but i’m pretty confident that production will just make everyone use initials for the season. Like, either Ciera E. or Sierra T., with the detail that the initial is the important part of the spelling

          Still doesn’t protect Cirie from getting in the mix though, lol

          1. I feel like that would be Ciera and her BMs, but she won’t want to risk her game for the sake of good TV, OOOOOOOOOORRRRrrrrrrr would she?

          2. I feel like Probst made the right call when he shut down nickname voting back in Thailand: clarity of the votes should be prioritized over potentially making them exciting. It gets too close to breaking a basic game mechanic if we can’t be sure who you voted for.

        3. You guys, I just realized that we’re going to get a moment where I don’t know how to score someone’s vote for fantasy purposes.

  6. Question: I know we all love Kim, but are these the two game smartest women to play Survivor?
    I believe that Sandra is the best instinctual Survivor player there is, she just feels the game, she gets it.

    1. I’d buy it. Cirie knows exactly how to play people so that she can later prey on them. And completely agree about Sandra’s instincts.

    2. My one concern about Cirie is that as undeniable as her strategic intelligence is, sometimes when she wants to do something that others don’t, she digs her heels in and ends up running the risk of alienating her allies. I can think of times she did it in Micronesia and in HvV, so I guess the results are pretty variable, depending on who she’s working with and how much leeway they’ll give her. Then again, one could say Sandra’s potential flaw is that she doesn’t stick her neck out to drive any votes, so she runs the risk of having a bare resume at FTC (not that it’s ever hurt her in the past). It’s almost like if they didn’t hate each other so much, they’d make a great team 🙂

      1. I think cirie had said that she’s angling away from repeating that mistake. The digging in was to defend her long term plans, whereas now she’s says she’s looking no further than the next tribal. Given how she’ll be targeted off the bat, this is probably the right correction

      1. Even with all the jokes about her, I still think of her as Flying Fox Heidi because that was just a great looking moment.

    3. I think Cirie is for sure. I think a lot of what Sandra does isn’t really a matter of intelligence or game-smarts but as you say, it’s just instinctual. I don’t really think she even can adequately explain what she does that makes her so dangerous.

      1. Dude, you’ve not listened to any of her podcasts with Rob or read her interviews. She can explain it. Watch the 30th season round table with Rob C, Probst and Parvati, she articulates what she did well. She’s never had to at a FTC because the way to win HvV was about selling her as the one against Russell and against Lil she was against Lil.

  7. You guys are going to be so disappointed when all the heavy hitters go out early and the final 3 is Brad, Troy, and Sierra Dawn Thomas. Because that’s just the kind of fuck-you year that 2017 has on tap for us. I’m managing my expectations.

          1. I would be okay with Sierra winning because for her to win, she would have to do something to deserve it which would likely be interesting and exciting and possibly make us like her

          2. Actually, in this specific F3 she could be replicating her strategy from WA of silently riding the douchebags to the end. God that would be the worst.

          3. True, but I also imagine this F3 features a less obnoxious and acceptable winner Brad. But yeah, if this is an all-goat F3 that’s pretty close to darkest timeline

        1. But if so, i’ll feel so awful for Monica Culpepper. Her one ‘just for me’ thing that isn’t dominated by her husband, and he’s the one who wins it. It would definitely be a barbed winner for me.

  8. So I list Cirie among my favorite players, but I’m inclined to side with Sandra because Cirie’s arguments here are wrong.
    HOWEVER, you used House Tyrell colors for Cirie’s banner and You know I gotta pour one out for my fallen hero, Queen Margaery.

    1. I used Micronesia buff colors. Maybe you’ve heard of it- it’s the season where a bunch of women made an alliance.

        1. O/T: I’m going back through the MBMBaM archives and there’s one that starts off with Justin and Griffin talking about a something that just happened on Survivor the night before and within five seconds, without checking the episode date I was like, “Worlds Apart. The reward where Joe finds the immunity clue in his soda,” and I creeped myself out a little.

          1. I remember them talking about the episode where the bug crawled in Jen’s ear. Unless that was on Sawbones, that may have been on Sawbones.

      1. Wow so weird that I would relate an image to Game of Thrones when it was made specifically to evoke Game of Thrones.

        1. Ohhhhhhhhhh… Ok, so, clearly the whole ”house” thing is a reference to GOT. I see that now, but originally, I thought it was a reference to drag queens. The design makes sooo much more sense now!

  9. The real news here is that the level of access Josh has now finally renders Dalton Ross completely irrelevant.

          1. Isn’t that what this is, though? Like, obviously he and Gordon also knew about it, but Josh was given the privilege of dropping this news.

      1. In true Purple Rock style I kind of skim posts that aren’t written by me then go back to pick out the details.

        1. It’s almost as if he’s a talented journalist who’s capable of crafting multiple sources into a compelling narrative.

  10. I am 100% Team Sandra. Cirie is just plain wrong. I would love to see Cirie shockingly become the target of Sandra’s ire, and see us root for her.

  11. I think Sandra is a great player but happy to declare allegiance to House Fields in this one, partly because of the way she stirred this shit and then is all ‘Sandra? Nah, nothing’ and partly because nobody else have and gotta root for the underdog…

    I can’t remember if they’re on the same teams at the start but I think it would be a dream situation if they ended up on the same small swap team in a Casaya-esque clusterfuck of a winning tribe where there was all this feuding and scheming but no shots fired until the merge (they both have to make the jury.)

    Also hope they both pick up minions, particularly if they have rival Cieras, leading to the most explosive tribal council since that time where Laura M and Laura B tried to vote each other out with the same vote.

      1. I so want a vote split between Ciera and Sierra. You just know there would be like four different spellings.

        1. But then when somebody spells Sierra’s name as ‘who?’ Ciera is unfairly sent home and Sandra’s alliance crumbles.

          1. Over/under on how many times it’s mentioned that she voted out her mom in the premiere? I’d say two.

          2. I’m worried that your references to Ciera as first boot and the fact that people call you a witch spell trouble for Ciera.

          3. No, that’s me. Contrary to popular belief, we are not the same person.

            That’s Matt and Mark.

          4. Unless Survivor insists that all “big moves” be called “game-changing moves” this season for branding purposes.

          5. I don’t see that, because you can’t hashtag game-changing moves the same way you can with big moves. I could see them insist people saying “Now, that is a game changer”.

          6. I calculated it as:
            +1 by Jeff in the opening voice over
            +1 by Jeff when first addressing the tribes
            +1 by Ciera in her first confessional

            If they go to tribal:
            +1 in another player’s confessional regarding voting her out
            +1 by Jeff at tribal council
            +1 by someone else talking about her at tribal council
            [Maybe] +1 more in a different player’s confessional if she is in fact the first boot target

          7. 1.5 or 2 seems like the place to set the line.

            Zero is out of the question, of course. I’d probably take the under even at 1.5- I think Ciera keeps her head down early, and Survivor gorges on the overabundance of great narrators to fill time rather than hyping Ciera.

          8. That’s a toughie, but I’m going with over – the Jeff will def mention it in voiceover when she’s introduced, plus she will prob mention it once and I’d guess one other player will bring it up (say, when they’re talking about who they want to work with vs. who they want to target).

        2. Dammit. I need to finish reading the comments before chiming in. /typing cat gif

  12. This is at the same time the best and the worst thing that could happen to all of us. And even though I love both of them so much, if I have to pick I’m choosing House Fields (I disagree with her about Sandra wins, but I just want to see her win so badly).

  13. I don’t have this burning hate for Waterworth that a lot of fans do, but sometimes he comes out with stuff that makes my head spin. At the 4:20 mark is he really trying to say there’s a contingent of Lil fans out there who think she was robbed?

    1. Pearl Islands was one of the first seasons I watched, and I’ll admit there was a monthlong stretch or so there where I thought Lil should have won.

      1. Upvoted in appreciation for Other Scott-ness, but in sincere curiosity, what drove you to your dreams of Happy Lil? Pity for a neat lady? Unreasonable credit for winning the Outcast vote? Sandra murdered your cat?

        1. It was an appreciation of the fact that Lil was actually driving the votes and able to get the people she wanted out whereas Sandra was just kind of a bystander to what was going on in the game. Basically the logic as to why Tijuana voted Lil in the first place.

      2. I was pretty young when Pearl Islands first aired, and I vaguely remember rooting for Lil in that finale because I thought she was the nicest (lol at younger me)

  14. I mean. You all know what I’m gonna say.

    100% Team Sandra, House Diaz-Twine. I think Cirie is a great player, and I’m constantly disappointed in her blind spot about Russell v. Sandra. I understand the Parvati argument. I don’t agree, but I get it. It makes sense. The Russell argument is just ridiculous to me.

    1. It’s like Cirie has been preparing all these years for a season where she might have to face Russell.

      The long con.

    2. Agree that the Russell argument is terrible: Cirie should retroactively be put on the Villains tribe for it.

        1. But logically you’d shuffle Sandra to the heroes (because in Pearl Islands she was, you know, a hero), so its probably all a wash in tribe quality.

          1. No, I think you could potentially send Danielle over to the Heroes since she thinks she is the hero of Panama and also because she fits in so much better over there.

          2. Sandra did both heroic and villainous things during Pearl Islands. The most villainous – dumping the fish and letting Christa take the blame. The heroic – going against Fairplay.

  15. In the 13 seasons since Sandra and Cirie have last played, alliances are treated differently. There is much more shifting of alliances, with Voting Blocs or Trust Clusters, whatever you want to call them. If this continues, doesn’t this favor the play style of Tony/Sandra/Tai/Malcom/Aubry much more than Cirie? I’m sure Cirie could adapt, but I’d say Sandra has the advantage here.

    1. Holy crap, I hadn’t even thought about that. Cirie is someone who needs to have a loyal group of at least three while people like Tony and Sandra can be loyal to one other person MAX.

  16. Cirie is generally the brains behind a tight alliance who then vote her out near the end because she becomes a threat after she has helped them eliminate everyone else. (At least in Panama and Micronesia.) Sandra is much more in tune with the sort of #TrustCluster Survivor that exists in the more recent seasons. I would LOVE to see Cirie win, but I think Sandra is more adaptable to this game.

    1. I think you’re right and that Sandra will be more adaptable. I could also see Cirie pull off a Jeremy style win, where she had a core few that survived all the decluster-fuckery, leading to her finally claiming a crown of her own 🙂

  17. I’m also curious as to which Game of Thrones characters people think they’ll be channeling be for this feud (surely this has been covered by the internet somewhere?)

    I see Cirie as more of a Varys and Sandra as a bit more Catelyn Stark (she’s pretty loyal or has been) but also like the idea of Cirie as a Margaery type (she’s got the smile down) and Sandra as the Queen of Thorns, partly because that would be a Brandy v. Monica level feud.

    1. Sandra’s way more bitchy than Catelyn Stark. She’d be more like what I’d imagine Olenna Tyrell to be like in her prime.

      1. Yeah, i think Olenna is good as she’s got the attitude and there’s a bit of a ‘anyone but me’ vibe about the Tyrells. My hope for the next season is that Olenna is just getting into her prime though – some serious scores to be settled 🙂

      1. I knew such a list would exist – shoulda known it would be on this website! @purplerockandy:disqus That list is on point – loved the Jon Snow + Malcolm burns. I think Daenerys is a bit insulting to Kim – I’d be inclined to go with Stephanie (rootable as an underdog; annoying and slightly obnoxious when in power). Sandra as Varys works, though for the purpose of this feud, I’d say that Cirie has more of that style of play in her.

        And to supplement your list, from this cast I would nominate Michaela as Brienne (or Sarah, but clearly one of those two is more likable), Debbie as Melisandre (delusional), Caleb as Pod and FFSDT as Rickon.

        1. Love the supplements to the list! Also, Andy isn’t a book reader and didn’t know of major plot points to come when he made that list. So it’s possible that some of the comps might change if he were to revisit the list.

          1. Thanks! I confess to not having read the books either, which is why I would also nominate Troy as Dorne, something nobody wanted to see more of.

          2. The list does seem to need updated.

            Caleb as Pod? The only think I see in common is loyalty. Pod is likable.

            And I’ve read the books a couple of times.

  18. This is fun and all, but if you were ranking the Game Changers by the likelihood that they’ve pre-pre-pre-gamed and worked out an elaborate, years-long ruse to conceal an alliance, wouldn’t Cirie and Sandra be tied for first?

    1. I think you’re forgetting Tony…
      Actually, if Tony was doing it, he’d have told us in every pre-game interview.

  19. Team Sandra. I’m not a big fan of cirie’s whining when things aren’t going her way. Also she chose the ozzy James Amanda parv side when I had much more love in my heart for penner Eliza and yau man.

    1. Agreed. And she could have beaten Penner and Eliza and possibly Ami. The other side had all challenge and mostly social threats.

      That said, I do like Cirie. But I’m team Sandra.

  20. Absolutely Team!Sandra.
    Honestly, I really like Cirie, but sometimes I’ve got to side-eye the things she says. Like, ”oh well, Sandra isn’t a good player because she sits out at challenges”, because we all know what a massive beast Cirie is at challenges… Also maybe Sandra wouldn’t have had to sit out all the time in HvV if Cirie’s tribe hadn’t kept losing!

    1. Honestly I think part of why Cirie is salty is that they get compared and that really undersells Cirie in the challenges. She may not be a challenge beast, but she does fine, she can pull her weight, and Sandra is a liability on just about any physical challenge and falls down walking. I think if Cirie looked different, if she were a Survivor Bikini Babe TM or god knows any type of man, no one would single her out as a particularly weak challenge performer based on her actual performance, and that has to sting. (Obviously none of this makes Sandra a bad player and I agree that it is infuriating when Cirie says it does.)

  21. House Fields FTW!

    Cirie’s arguments are simplistic but not “wrong” (well Russell winning HvV part is) as such because she is also a player who values strategy a lot. RobC said after HvV that he would have voted for Parvati (he also does not rank either of Sandra’s win that high), Mariano said on his first RHAP podcast that he would have voted for Parvati and I believe Tyson too said the same (not 100% on this). These are all player who value strategy over other facets of survivor (rightly or wrongly).

  22. Sandra’s glory comes from her wins. Would she be remembered as much if she had finished 3rd and 4th in her 2 seasons? Don’t think so. Cirie does not even need the gold to be a legend.

    1. If she doesn’t win HvV, she definitely doesn’t get remembered as much. And I say that only because that cast was so deep that they could have easily showed less of Sandra and more of almost anyone else.

      Pearl Islands Sandra was great and sassy and fun. I think she’d still be memorable from that season.

      1. Shopping in the village, stealing the tarp, “I can get loud too WTF” – there’s no way Sandra would be forgettable even if she weren’t a two time champ. I’d say if she’d never won, we’d probably have a similar reverence for her as Courtney. And she definitely would have played at least a second time, either way 🙂

      2. No arguments there. Sandra deserved to come back as a returnee after PI. And yeah, she gets the Courtney edit if she doesn’t win HVV.

        My limited point was that she is a legend due to being the sole 2 time winner.

    2. So she’s like the Michelle Kwan of Survivor?

      (Used to be a HUGE follower of figure skating, MK was robbed in 1998)

  23. I love everyone in this bar! I’ve been ready for this since I saw the cast and this post is delightful. Sandra vs. Cirie will always be the greatest rivalry to come out of HvV. The woman who can’t lose and the woman who’s come so close but can’t quite win.

    Cirie is obviously wrong and her position is indefensible, but I’m House Fields anyway. Even though I love Sandra and Russell is my least favorite cockroach on earth, nothing can shake my devotion to Cirie.

  24. They are both so fucking overrated its hilarious, especially Sandra who’s game in HvsV was flat out stupid. Trying to get rid of Russell when she could beat him in the Final 2 was so dumb and if anyone else did that they would be called out. But of course Sandra gets a pass because she’s a queen, God, best ever blah blah blah.

    Kim shits on them both even with her weak competition.

  25. It would be interesting. Both have arguments to use against the other that they should go home. Sandra has won twice, but people do seem to think Cirie is more dangerous, I don’t think she could have gotten out of being first boot if her tribe had lost one of those challenges The thing is, the first 2-hour episode seemed to set up an upcoming battle between Ozzy and Cirie. They spent a lot of time on it, so I assume a pay-off is coming. And with the ending and the preview, it seems Cirie and Sandra are not on the same new tribe, so it would be several episodes down the line if there is another swap for them to go head-to-head. But if they do land together on perhaps a 2nd swap, I’d say fireworks are pretty guaranteed.

  26. I love Cirie as much as anyone here, but have to side with The Queen. Her gameplay and skills are so underrated. Nobody wins a season twice without deserving to win. Her moves weren’t flashy, but she did have moves that put her in the best position to win both seasons.

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