Australian Survivor: Blood V Water: Week 8, Episode 19 & 20

Come on, you knew this would be the picture once JLP said “purple rock”.

Nine are left, who will be voted out tonight?  Wait, did I just copy and paste this intro from last week’s post? Yeah, I did. Anyway, let’s find out if this season can recover.

Episode 19(Barbara Anderson)

  • Last week, we found out that the Purgatory Trio are powerful players, Sam and Mark are worried about people finding out about their idols, and there are cracks forming in the majority alliance. Also, Michelle left the game, I guess.
  • At camp, Chrissy and Sam bond over their really bad luck over blindsiding people only for them to stay in the game. In general, the majority alliance is concerned about how close the Purgatory Trio are now, despite the fact that they were somewhat close before being sent to Purgatory by virtue of being outsiders.
  • Those three get together to plot their next move. They want to approach Josh as the most likely to flip. If he does that, then he will bring over his assistant Jordan and his other close ally Chrissy (which feels a bit out of nowhere since we have been set up that Chrissy seems close to Sam, but whatever) to give them the new majority.
  • Josh and Jordie bond over Sam’s paranoia while Sam asks Chrissy if Jordie has talked to her about the idol situation. After some other side conversations, Sam goes to Jordie to see where his head is out, but we all know where both of their heads are at. They want each other out. This has been going for around two weeks of episodes now.
  • Let’s go to the Survivor Auction! Everyone gets 500 dollars to spend (which is brand new information for Chrissy) and no one gets to share or split anything unless told otherwise. Some brief highlights include:
    • Josh and David do 500 on a hamburger, but Josh withdraws his bid so they don’t go to rocks. After this. Sam tells the alliance to save their money for an advantage.
    • The next item is a covered item, which causes both Jordie and Mark to bid 500. After a rock draw, Mark and his purple rock get steak while Jordie gets a lucky white rock as a souvenir.
    • The next covered item causes a bidding war, but Sam goes all in…to get vegemite toast.
    • Another covered item gets a bit of a bidding war, but KJ is able to get it for under 500. The item is a nice spot of tea with a fancy parchment as a napkin. This is what I have been suggesting for years. Instead of having an advantage as an auction item by itself, hide the advantage in the auction item.
    • Shay gets her loved ones letter for 200 dollars. Instead of having everyone who was able buy their letter for 200, JLP then springs an important question: keep your letter or give it up for everyone else’s. Despite Jordie’s objections, she gives her letter up.
    • The auction ends with KJ being excited about her advantage while Josh does not spend any money on screen.
  • At camp, everyone thanks Shay for making that sacrifice for them. It’s such an easy choice though. She is already on the outs, so why make it worse for them. We then get a letter reading sequence where everybody but Mark reads their letter.
    • Sam gets a letter from her parents which includes updates and pictures of Harry. Sam tells us that everything she does is for him.
    • After reading his letter from his dad, Jordie in confessional reveals that his stepmum died a few weeks before the season started, so it was good for him to hear that his dad was doing well.
    • Josh tells us that his fiancee and him were looking to doing IVF before he went to play, but they discovered that she had a cyst. He opens his letter and sonogram pictures fall out of the letter. Yes, the cyst turned out to be a baby. Everyone is thrilled for him.
    • Despite being sad that she couldn’t see her dad’s letter, Shay is stoked to be part of this.
  • After that, the majority alliance talks about how they misplayed the auction, while KJ follows her parchment clue to the well to discover that she has the Safety without Power advantage. It can be played on three people, but it has to be played at the next two Tribal Councils. She decides to keep it secret for now.
  • At the Immunity Challenge, Josh tells JLP about being a dad, Shay is still happy with her decision, and Jordie needs immunity. The challenge is an obstacle course that eventually leads to the Michele Fitzgerald Memorial Puzzle. Despite solid efforts from Shay and David, Josh wins immunity. Jordie is excited because Sam is not immune.
  • Back at camp, Sam is not excited because she is not immune, but she still wants Jordie out. Her whole alliance wants him out. Mark and David joke about how he is damaged goods and needs to be returned back to the store.
  • Jordie talks to Shay and KJ about voting out Sam, which they are game for. He then goes to Josh and Jordan to vote out Sam, since Mark and Sam only have three tribal councils to play their two idols (not thinking that they might have to play their idols at once). He proposes to them doing a 4-4-1 split vote (4 on Sam, 4, on Jordie, and 1 on either KJ or Shay) with the hopes of either flushing out Sam’s idol or making a crack in the majority alliance. After Jordie leaves, the men say that he is making a lot of sense. Jordie hopes that they will go with the Joker instead of two Oscar winning actors (even though playing the Joker has won two actors Oscars, but I digress).
  • Josh and Jordan are still more worried about Jordie being an active threat, instead of Sam and Mark and their potential two idols.
  • Sam approaches Mark to not play their idols because that would be evidence that they don’t have idols. They then decide not to bring them to Tribal Council, so if someone doesn’t come home, then they would have two idols.
  • After being told about Jordie’s conversation, KJ correctly reads that Josh isn’t making big moves while Jordie is still in the game. KJ, Shay, and Sam talk about all of them voting for Jordie, but KJ wants revenge for being betrayed. She also is weighing how she will play Safety without Power. Jordie talks about how this will be the biggest night of the game.
  • At Tribal Council, Josh is excited to be safe and just watch what goes down, with hopefully Jordie leaving. Jordie just wants to finish his unfinished business. KJ though is an unhappy Mama Bear and decides to play her advantage. Instead of sending the Purgatory Trio back to camp, she decides to send Chrissy, Mark, and Josh back to camp while making a lot of tea puns and wordplay. On his way back to camp, Mark unsubtly passes what appears to be an idol to Sam. From here on out, Sam looks stressed out.
  • After the three leave, KJ explains that if she sent the Purgatory Trio back to camp, then David would have went home, which I think is probably correct. While Jordan is talking about where his head is, Sam goes to whisper to the three returnees that she has the idol, so they need to make a play. Jordie immediately catches that she says “the idol” not “Mark’s idol”, which causes Sam to stress out further. Sam says that she has Mark’s idol, but seemingly no one believes her except for Jordan.
  • Time to vote. Sam clutches the idol on the way to vote. Jordan and Sam vote for Jordie, but the rest are unknown. Sam doesn’t play her idol, which proves to be the correct call as JLP reveals that there were 2 votes for Jordie and 4 for Jordan, which is an interesting call. Sam repeats that she did not have no idea that Jordan was the vote and that she had nothing the whole time.
  • Jordan over Sam is a real interesting call. I wonder if they got scared over the idol play, even if Jordie said that he didn’t care to take a big swing and end up on the jury. It does take out one of the couples, which is good, but the move pushes Josh further away from the Purgatory alliance, which is bad. I guess we will find out the ramifications tomorrow night.

Episode 20 (Something Quirky)

I know some people have stopped watching, and are just reading the recaps, so this may be a long(er than usual) one for details’ sake.

  • They return from Tribal.
  • Josh gets bleeped multiple times.
  • The remaining 5 of the 6 person alliance turn on Dave.
    Mark tries to be threatening, but Dave points out the only couple left is him/Sam.
  • The Purgatory 3 accept Dave into the fold.
  • It’s Day 40.
    Dave does the notch. Probably hasn’t been allowed to until now.
  • Jordie refers to camp as “home”. (As in KJ sent three people home.)
  • Chrissy misunderstood the advantage as three people actually going home.
  • Jordie’s giving himself a lot of credit.
  • Fuck off, Josh. Everyone else (almost) has had their loved one sent home. Stop trying to be threatening towards KJ.
  • Sam did a double degree in performing arts and law.
  • Sam tells Mark she wants to bury the second idol.
    (Though last night she wanted to leave them at camp, and then wanted Mark to have brought one, so we’ll see).
    They want to keep in the majority, but want Jordie out instead of KJ.
  • Chrissy voices concerns to Josh about the idols.
    Chrissy says… something in confessional. Several sentences, but I’m not sure what they were meant to mean as a coherent thought.
    Josh once again voices the idea of going against Sam/Mark without doing any of the dirty work himself.
    Chrissy realises (in confessional) that she’s been protecting Sam/Mark.
    Her conversation with Josh gets confusing beyond dodgy maths.
    “Josh drives me up the wall!” (Chrissy confessional)
  • Immunity Challenge:
    JLP asks about Tribal.
    Mark knew Sam would be alright and says she outsmarted them. Surely that comment won’t come up again later!
    Roll a ball up a ramp in one direction, and place dominos in the opposite direction. Catch the ball before it hits the dominos. To win, all the dominos must be placed in a line, then the ball can hit the first domino, and the last domino has to fall in a bucket.
    I wonder if Jeff will ever say “let’s get it on.” (Or has he?)
    Shay hits herself in the face with her ball. (At least it wasn’t a watermelon.)
    Sam accidentally throws her ball off the course.
    I don’t want to be in a position of saying “Go Dave”, but here we kind of are.
    JLP jinxes Josh.
    It’s Mark and Dave competing for the win, with Jordie third.
    Dave’s dominos get prematurely hit and he’s out of it.
    Jordie’s gets half knocked over.
    Mark wins Immunity.
    I love you, music subtitle person. I’m sorry I sort of insulted you last week. You’ve been a highlight.
    Mark confessional.
  • Mark says he has three idols. So I guess Sam doesn’t technically have possession of hers?
    He says Jordie knows “I have two idols.” Does he, Mark? Because that’s different to him knowing you and Sam have one each.
  • Mark thinks Dave is now a swing vote and not firmly with the others.
    Chrissy says Dave told her that he wants to come back “to the dark side”.
  • Inaccurate comic book/film reference by Mark. He apparently doesn’t know how The Dark Knight ends. Or he does and is doing some super subtle foreshadowing.
  • Jordie points out this is the first time they’ve had even alliances but it could just “relapse into the old narrative”.
    wants to put all his alliance’s votes on Sam. Seems risky, considering Mark’s two idols.
  • Jordie pitches to Josh.
    Josh doesn’t think Mark/Sam will take him to final 3.
    Jordie says Mark/Sam won’t be expecting anything. Pretty sure they’ll be expecting at least 3 votes against their alliance.
  • Jordie says “there’s a level of poetry” about his brother’s idol being what stands between either him or Sam going home.
  • Dave being level headed and saying he was waiting until Josh cooled down to talk to him, since he “fair enough” called him a Judas.(TENSE MUSIC)
    Dave says to Josh that Sam outsmarted them by saying she was going to play the idol for herself.
    He says that people thought she’d crumble without Mark, but actually she thrived.
    Dave says in voiceover that they were so confident that they didn’t even bring the idol, so Sam is responsible for Jordan going home.
    He says to Josh she’s responsible for Jordan going home by bluffing about playing the idol.
    Monitor lizard.
    (Sorry, forgot to make note of the two eagles earlier.)
  • My internet went weird so I think I missed a small chunk.
  • Josh trusted Mark/Sam the most in this game, but is weighing up going against them.
  • Sam wants to make sure they come back to camp with the majority.
    Mark is pretty confident Dave will rejoin their alliance.
    Sam says the girls are confident Dave’s with them, and Mark says that Dave had a long convo with Josh and Josh is relaxed so don’t worry.
    Mark says Sam has two idols.
    Sam says Mark will have two idols in his hands. (I guess she has decided they shouldn’t bury one, then.)
  • Dave tells the Purgatory 3 that he spoke to Josh.
  • Jordie accepts that if they flush the idol he’s going home.
  • Mark says they’ll come back to camp 4-3 and the 3 will come back begging for their lives like they always do.
    Not a great analogy to hear from a soldier.
  • Tribal Council:
    JLP asks Josh if he feels vulnerable.
    Sort of.
    David says Sam’s idol bluff snookered them into voting Jordan.
    Sam tells Josh she doesn’t think Dave is with them.
    While Jordie talks to JLP, Josh asks Mark if he’s sure Dave’s with them and Mark says he isn’t.
    Chrissy asks Dave if the Purgatory 3 are voting for Josh and he says “100%”.
    Dave tries to convince Chrissy to vote Josh.
    While Mark talks to JLP, Josh asks Chrissy to ask Dave if he’d rather vote Sam or flush the idol.
    Chrissy tells Josh that Dave said Sam.
    While Dave talks to JLP, Jesse asks Jordan if he thinks he’s going to flip. (Unclear if he’s referring to Josh or Dave. Presumably Josh.)
    Sam asks Mark what Josh and Chrissy said. Mark tells her to wait.
    Mark deflects JLPs question about Sam to being about which alliance goes back with the majority.
    Dave talks to JLP again, and Josh tells Mark they were checking if Dave was with them and he probably isn’t.
    Josh tells Mark to play it safe.
    Jordie tells JLP Josh sits very opposite to his alliance and is loyal and true to his word.
    Sam says she feels that Josh is loyal and wouldn’t work with the people who voted out his cousin.
    Meanwhile, CHRISSY MAKES A FACE to show Josh how Jordan is looking at Sam.
    Sam whispers to Chrissy to hold tight.
    Jordie says it’s been 10 days since he’s had an alliance.
    Time to vote.
    Some dry ice.
    Jordie’s up to vote.
    He votes Sammy; “D’you know what? If it doesn’t work this time I don’t know what else to do.”
    KJ, Shay, and Dave vote.
    Mark doubles down on his incorrect understanding of The Dark Knight (I don’t think he actually knows the character of Harvey Dent.)
    Josh goes to vote.
    JLP looks kind of smug as he goes to count the votes.
    JLP says now’s the time to play an idol.
    Everyone is looking away from Sam, except for Dave, who is staring straight at her.
    Josh tells Mark to play the idol for Sam.
    (“Bro, I’m telling you.”)
    Josh, Sam, and Mark have a whispered conversation (they ask Josh why. He doesn’t answer.) while JLP waits bemusedly.
    JLP says he’ll read the votes.
    Jesse can’t contain his face.
    Sam, Jordi, Sam, Jordie, Sammy, Jordie, Sam…
    Jesse’s getting excited.
    Jordie leans over to stare at Sam before looking back at JLP.
    The 16th person voted out of Blood vs Water. Sam.”
    Jesse has turned red with giddiness.
    Shay asks KJ who flipped; “Josh?” (Yes.)
    Everyone gets up to say goodbye.
    Josh says to Sam “I’ll try to keep… (continues indistinctly)”.
    Khanh: “Wow.”
  • JLP and the Jury are left at Tribal.
    JLP to the Jury: “Did you enjoy that?”
    Jesse: “That was flipping epic.”