Australian Survivor, Champions vs Contenders II: Recap Episodes 1 & 2

Australian Survivor has begun, Luke and lots of people I don’t recognise yet! Those Contender women who aren’t Sarah all merge in my head!

Episode 1

  • Good start to the season but for 2 hours we really didn’t get a huge amount of content from all contestants. We had a couple of big challenges and then a scramble we maybe didn’t need to see at the end.
  • The Contenders come from behind victory at immunity was really impressive. I was hoping to see fewer purely physical challenges this season as it’s what really screwed the Contenders last season.
  • The Champions decide to vote for a weaker player, which we all know is code for a woman.
  • I was really impressed with the way Nova changed to vote. Put all the scrambling aside because Pia didn’t really scramble. Nova heard the consensus of Pia from the Athletic 7 and decided that it didn’t work for her. Found a good reason to put it on Anastasia and made it stick.
  • I don’t have much more than that. Not many contestants jumped out to me as we didn’t get a lot of confessionals from the Contenders or half the Champs. But that’s always the way with the beginning of a season, especially Survivor Au. But this cast looks like it could be entertaining.
  • It was however bloody great to have Luke back on our screens, what a bloody legend.

Episode 2

  • This second episode was a perfect chaser to the premiere. We covered a huge amount of ground with the Contenders tribe, meeting most of them. We are just left to ask who is Hannah?
  • Again with the brute force physical challenges, I would like a little bit more agility in these, maybe throw some balance in, some things that maybe the big strong boys can’t do as well, that will let the women (and Baden) shine a little more.
  • Luke finding the clue made perfect sense, why is no one else looking?
  • Laura vs Baden was not the choice I thought it would be. I assumed Sarah was going to be the one. The oldest woman by 15 years, but she has strength and these challenges make that more valuable than Laura’s 4’9” agility and guile.
  • Harry went very early on the offensive against Laura and I see him as a big target once people start looking to knock off strength. He’s showed his strategic side and a guy like Andy will surely look to get rid of that as soon as it doesn’t fit with his plans.
  • All in all a very decent premiere week. I am excited about this cast, I think there are a lot of fun personalities.
  • The preview for next week looked good, a bit early for the biggest move in Survivor history, I hope that comes later in the season!


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