Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets Episode 11 Recap: the Puppet Master Reveals Themselves

Welcome to week 11 of Survivor SA. It feels so far from the end. I’m getting Survivor International lagged. Australian Survivor has just started and now it’s all Survivor until Survivor starts again in September.

  • Rob thinks Seipei is the puppetmaster Nicole was talking about, when it was probably Rob.
  • Was Nico ill or something? Jacques tells the survivors to draw for teams and then Cobus and Nicole duel for immunity of Island of Secrets without Nico there.
  • The duel concept is new but I don’t like it. I don’t like a situation where immunity can be won by one of two people without the others having control over whether or not they can compete. Cobus wins immunity.
  • I do not like the immunity challenge being 3, that leaves only 7 people available to vote out. It’s too big a percentage immune at this point. Jacques, Mike and Dante win immunity and reward.
  • The 6 left at camp cook a chicken when Cobus, Nicole, Jacques, Dante and Mike aren’t there to eat it and Seipei is pissed at Steffi for it.
  • Rob’s decision to get rid of Seipei is infuriating but brilliant. I think it’s the right move for Rob. I think it’s probably not right for a lot of others. Unless realise they are giving Rob vast power in the game. Rob is now in an alliance with everyone except Mmaba, Dante and Cobus. He has his finger in all the pots, he has an idol. He is playing amazingly.
  • Getting Seipei’s idol was amazing from Rob.
  • Dante is a complete moron, that is all.
  • I am so sad to see Seipei go, she was a shining star of the season. She should not have survived the first or second tribals. She made amazing alliances that kept her going, I’m sad that Rob decided to go for her here but I can’t fault it for his game. I can fault his reasoning as she really wanted to go to the end with him but I think it was not a bad move at all.