Australian Survivor, Season 2: Week 7

Hey mates and Sheilas, sharculese is still having power and internet difficulties, so he can’t recap week 7. Since week 8 is just about to start and is going to be action-packed (six seasons and a movie! three episodes and a merge!), I’m just putting this up as a placeholder so we can discuss these two episodes and THE SEASON’S MOST SHOCKING BLINDSIDE (j/k).

  • Man I hope John Kirhoffer is watching Australian Survivor. The challenge designers are just killing it.
  • Did Peter do the right thing by mutinying, given that the merge is so close? Should Sarah have beaten him to the punch?
  • Going into the merge Samatau has an 8-4 numbers advantage, all of the idols, and tons of intel on Asaga thanks to that messy episode 14 tribal. I’m really worried that we’re headed for a straight Pagonging of Asaga after the merge. Thoughts?
  • What could prevent this? Can Luke and Sarah possibly continue to work together? Would it make sense for Peter and other bottom-feeders at Samatau to break away?
  • Did it make any sense for Asaga to pass on an opportunity to get rid of a big threat (i.e., Luke or Sarah)?
  • Odette: Robbed Goddess or Robbed-est Goddess?