International Women’s Day: Celebrating Survivor Women with the Art of Ara Morin

What better way for a Survivor site to celebrate International Women’s Day than to showcase the art of one of the most talented women in Survivor fandom? Last season, Ara Morin was nice enough to let us feature some of art related to Survivor: Cambodia. This time out, she graces us with homages to some of the great women to play the game.

Courtney Yates Portrait


Courtney Yates is by far one of my favorite castaways ever. She is definitely something else, and it is because she went there as herself, without hiding anything. By the end of China I found myself rooting for her, and even though I like Todd and I think he was a deserving winner, she was my winner pick. Sassy, confrontational, sarcastic, and cool enough to call out Probst, Courtney has a special place in my heart. I chose this portrait because she was real, honest, and she embodied the qualities I love the most on a female castaway, being a female fan of the show.

Three Witches

ara-three-witchesOne of the highlights of Survivor: Cambodia was the alliance between Kelley, Ciera and Abi-Maria. They were called the “witches” (pejoratively speaking by some people), but I always thought they were a great alliance. Unfortunately, their Survivor experience was cut short, but I still believe these girls were great together and showed a lot of interesting qualities. I loved to see them together scheming and planning. This is a very simple sketch, but to me represents one of the aspects I loved the most about Cambodia: these three absolutely opposite girls getting together to stay in the game.

If You F*ck with Me


Abi-Maria is Abi-Maria. There’s a reason why she earned her title of “Brazilian Firecracker”, and it is her personality, her brutal honesty and that crazy vibe she has that makes you either hate her or love her to death. For this drawing, I chose to express the contrast between a quiet and smiling Abi and her trademark quote, which is pretty self-explanatory. Despite her controversial personality, Abi was Abi until the end on both of her seasons, and either you like or despise her, that describes her perfectly.

Natalie Anderson Portrait


This portrait of Natalie is part of an unfinished series of winner portraits I started drawing during the summer. The drawing itself has a quote from the winner, and I chose this one because I thought it went well with Natalie’s gameplay in San Juan del Sur. We’ve seen at least once on every season how some of the women are completely underestimated until they start making their moves. For some of them, it meant the end of their experience, but in Natalie’s case it worked. I love a female winner who isn’t afraid to play the game, and in my opinion Natalie represents this.

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