Pick-4 Survivor fantasy league for Survivor: Cambodia (Second Chance)

Welcome to the greatest Survivor fantasy league on the internet!

In the comments section of this post, you can select your Pick-4 teams for SurvivorSecond Chance. Most of you have probably played before and already know how this works, but if you’re new to this, you can check out the rules and scoring here.

One rule is important enough that I’ll repeat it here: Yes, spoilers exist for this season. If you’ve read them, good for you for deciding that you’re the person that would like to know the entire plot of a book before reading it. Please don’t play in our Survivor fantasy league. You’re not winning anything, and you’re not impressing anyone.

With that in mind, it’s time! Make your picks in the comments below. I’ll respond to you to lock in your players (assuming nobody else has that exact combination), and you have until the second episode airs to change your picks. Yes, the second episode. So if you picked the first boot, make sure to come back and change your picks!

I’ll try to update the table below as frequently as possible, but you can use it to see if your combination of players is still available. Alphabetize the players you want to pick (but use last names for Andrew, Jeff, Kelley, and Kelly), then look at the alphabetized list below to see if your combo is already taken. Too confusing? Just pick your four and I’ll tell you if they’re still available.

Name Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Overshoppe.com Abi Maria Ciera Joe Stephen
Ben Abi Maria Ciera Spencer Tasha
Heisenberg Abi Maria Ciera Varner Wentworth
True Alainer Abi Maria Jeremy Spencer Wentworth
Jacob SW Abi Maria Jeremy Terry Wiglesworth
Mike Sweeney Abi Maria Kass Keith Woo
George Ciera Jeremy Joe Savage
Saturday Night Palsy Ciera Jeremy Keith Tasha
TiminSoCal Ciera Jeremy Keith Wentworth
m0nit0rman Ciera Jeremy Monica Wentworth
SagoPalm Ciera Jeremy Peih Gee Spencer
bassmanxvi Ciera Jeremy Peih Gee Wiglesworth
rygel Ciera Jeremy Varner Wentworth
Gipsy Danger Ciera Joe Shirin Varner
sirlivealot Ciera Joe Spencer Wentworth
1qaz2wsx Ciera Joe Stephen Woo
Karterpiller Ciera Kass Keith Varner
dig doug Ciera Kass Savage Woo
Crom Deluise Ciera Keith Peih Gee Vytas
annie Ciera Keith Varner Wentworth
Maulik Shah Ciera Monica Peih Gee Stephen
John C Ciera Monica Peih Gee Varner
We Want Good TV Ciera Monica Spencer Stephen
Martin Regala Ciera Monica Stephen Wiglesworth
Carol Downing Ciera Monica Tasha Woo
fransesqua Ciera Monica Varner Wentworth
indescribable hat Ciera Peih Gee Shirin Stephen
thejefrablindside Ciera Peih Gee Spencer Wentworth
DrVanNostrand Ciera Peih Gee Varner Vytas
Kemper Boyd Ciera Peih Gee Varner Wentworth
Alex C Ciera Savage Spencer Tasha
Adam B Ciera Savage Spencer Wentworth
thetallman_Z Ciera Savage Varner Wentworth
WeAreGonnaGoToMatches Ciera Shirin Spencer Varner
Bananas Ciera Shirin Stephen Wentworth
I was saying Boo-urns Ciera Shirin Terry Vytas
Ellen C Ciera Shirin Varner Wentworth
Louie Lee Ciera Spencer Stephen Wentworth
Something Quirky Ciera Spencer Tasha Wentworth
Brenda4evah Ciera Spencer Varner Wentworth
Dr.Horrible Ciera Tasha Varner Wentworth
bder19 Ciera Tasha Wentworth Woo
Lisa Mansfield Ciera Terry Vytas Wentworth
aj hiller Jeremy Joe Savage Wentworth
Ispeakllama Jeremy Joe Tasha Wentworth
ebolamonkey84 Jeremy Joe Varner Wentworth
Micah Gill Jeremy Kass Monica Peih Gee
Rocker Jeremy Kass Spencer Varner
BananaGrub Jeremy Keith Shirin Spencer
Barbara Anderson Jeremy Keith Varner Wentworth
Max_Jets Jeremy Kimmi Peih Gee Tasha
DoublelayHalf Jeremy Kimmi Tasha Varner
Jim Andrews Jeremy Monica Spencer Tasha
Zachary Chong Jeremy Monica Stephen Varner
doctor wu Jeremy Monica Tasha Wentworth
Prom King Jeremy Monica Varner Wentworth
Brandon Bryce Jeremy Peih Gee Shirin Tasha
Zachary Jeremy Peih Gee Spencer Stephen
NearlyNina Jeremy Peih Gee Tasha Varner
MonsieurT Jeremy Peih Gee Tasha Wentworth
Benjamin Krautkramer Jeremy Savage Varner Wentworth
vaderdawsn Jeremy Shirin Spencer Wiglesworth
cazkaye Jeremy Shirin Stephen Wentworth
WinnerWinnerChickenDinner Jeremy Spencer Stephen Varner
Mensch Jeremy Spencer Tasha Varner
turgid_legume Jeremy Spencer Tasha Wentworth
tanja Jeremy Spencer Tasha Wiglesworth
Joseph Finn Jeremy Spencer Tasha Woo
chicago95 Jeremy Spencer Varner Wentworth
Lisa L Jeremy Stephen Tasha Wentworth
Liz Jeremy Stephen Varner Wentworth
Jack Jeremy Stephen Varner Wiglesworth
Floworefs Jeremy Tasha Varner Wentworth
this bear is tops blooby Jeremy Tasha Wentworth Woo
Lira2012 Joe Kass Shirin Spencer
Roswulf Joe Monica Tasha Woo
Peachykeene Joe Peih Gee Savage Varner
Friend Chooser Joe Savage Shirin Woo
Dutch Joe Savage Tasha Wentworth
Jeff Probst’s Hairpiece Joe Spencer Tasha Wentworth
Special Agent Phile Joe Spencer Tasha Woo
HectorTheWellEndowed Joe Tasha Wentworth Woo
gouis Kass Monica Stephen Varner
Laws Kass Peih Gee Shirin Wentworth
Icarus Arts Kass Peih Gee Stephen Varner
Kent McK Kass Spencer Stephen Woo
notJennCantDance Kass Spencer Varner Wentworth
Everyone is someone Keith Kimmi Terry Wentworth
Team lillewie Keith Kimmi Wentworth Wiglesworth
Come On In Here Keith Monica Wiglesworth Woo
Robyn HipA$$ Keith Peih Gee Spencer Varner
Brooke R Keith Peih Gee Stephen Wentworth
Keep Calm and Hodor On Keith Peih Gee Varner Wentworth
MCMoss14 Keith Savage Tasha Wentworth
bookplayer Keith Spencer Stephen Tasha
VeronicaMarsIsBrightTonight Keith Spencer Varner Wentworth
Ethan Kyle Keith Stephen Varner Wentworth
Phillip Keith Tasha Varner Wentworth
Mohamed Raouf Keith Tasha Varner Wiglesworth
XL Pelican Keith Tasha Varner Woo
MattsGoddesses Kimmi Monica Tasha Wentworth
prettyboyprobst Kimmi Peih Gee Savage Varner
Streets_Ahead Kimmi Peih Gee Tasha Wentworth
hornacek Kimmi Peih Gee Wentworth Woo
SurvivorFanTy Kimmi Shirin Terry Varner
No Eyes in Blindfold Kimmi Spencer Stephen Wentworth
AndreSurvivor Kimmi Spencer Tasha Wentworth
sten stor Kimmi Spencer Varner Wentworth
Ms_Woozah Monica Peih Gee Varner Wentworth
Kingoftonga Monica Peih Gee Varner Wiglesworth
Rachel Koeper Monica Peih Gee Wentworth Woo
Purple Rock Mark Monica Savage Spencer Varner
Purple Rock John Monica Savage Spencer Wentworth
Purple Rock Matt Monica Savage Varner Wentworth
mayven Monica Shirin Varner Wentworth
Michael S Monica Stephen Tasha Vytas
Purple Rock Emma Monica Stephen Terry Wentworth
Count Bulletsula Monica Stephen Varner Woo
tocantins Monica Tasha Wentworth Woo
torchoflaw Peih Gee Savage Shirin Wiglesworth
Limpopo Peih Gee Savage Stephen Wentworth
BCG519 Peih Gee Shirin Stephen Varner
Rob Brodeur Peih Gee Shirin Varner Wentworth
Untitled Clint Howard Project Peih Gee Spencer Tasha Wentworth
EmandScoutinBK Peih Gee Spencer Varner Wentworth
Sarah Peih Gee Stephen Tasha Varner
Ryan Deschamp Peih Gee Stephen Terry Wentworth
Crystal Lynne Peih Gee Stephen Varner Wentworth
VoicOff Peih Gee Tasha Varner Wentworth
Tovah Atha Peih Gee Tasha Wentworth Woo
Scarlett3639 Savage Shirin Spencer Stephen
Space Cowboy Savage Shirin Spencer Varner
Ara Morin Savage Shirin Varner Wentworth
forever1267 Savage Spencer Tasha Varner
Diego Armando Savage Spencer Varner Wentworth
Michael Dyer Savage Spencer Wentworth Wiglesworth
MrBurkesButtons Savage Stephen Terry Vytas
free7694 Savage Tasha Wentworth Woo
Mechanical Shark Savage Varner Wentworth Wiglesworth
ninaptime Savage Varner Wentworth Woo
TJ Faulkner Shirin Spencer Stephen Varner
Sinan Faiad Shirin Spencer Tasha Wentworth
jackdw97 Shirin Tasha Varner Wentworth
jordan decker Shirin Varner Wentworth Woo
Crappy Spencer Stephen Tasha Wentworth
Other Scott Spencer Stephen Tasha Woo
Violina23 Spencer Tasha Varner Wentworth
Wet Biscuit McGlee Spencer Tasha Varner Wiglesworth
Andrew Swift Spencer Varner Wentworth Wiglesworth
Disgruntled Goat Stephen Tasha Terry Wiglesworth
Jonathan Michaels Stephen Tasha Wiglesworth Woo
Ryan Jayden Stephen Varner Vytas Wentworth
WaffleStack Tasha Varner Wentworth Wiglesworth
SG Standard Tasha Varner Wentworth Woo