Purple Rock Matt’s Weekly PWAWWAWP

You may have heard that we have decided to eliminate the Predictions post and won’t be predicting week to week boots. This is all true. The fact is, we were just too good at it. It ceased to be fun.  Instead I will be predicting who will win the season every week. I call it Matt’s Premature Winners At War Wildly Ambitious Winner’s Prognostication. Or Matt’s PWAWWAWP. Catchy, no? Let’s dive into this episode.

This week I am going to depart from my usual PWAWWAWP shenanigans, because this week I had a dream. Now I don’t want to tell you the full contents of the dream, doing so would violate dream-dreamer privilege. But I can reveal that I do now know how the season will end. So if you will indulge me I have attempted to capture the dialogue that I think gets at the gist of how Final Tribal Council will go and so make crowning this week’s PWAWWAWP startlingly simple.

Juror: So what have you done to outwit, outplay and outlast everyone in this jury box, who is much better than you are?

Finalist #1: Well I am dear friends with all of you. The bonds I made were not fake. The hardest decision I had to make was when I voted out you in particular question-asker, because we were very close. But I knew if I didn’t vote you out, you would have won.

Finalist #2: I would also like to cut in and say that I too forged real bonds with all of you, unlike that faker over there. And actually the hardest decision I had to make was when I was the one that voted you out, not that other person.

(Jurors whisper among themselves, some nod, some gesture)

Other Juror: Why do you deserve to sit in that spot there?

Finalist #2: Well I played very hard, I voted you out, which was actually the hardest choice I made, even harder than the choice I said was the hardest choice, which if asked again was the hardest choice, because they are all hard choices when you are trying to win.

Finalist #1: I deserve to sit here because I did not try and play a podium as an idol. Unless that is something that we approve of now and not just laugh at, in which case I would like to play Jeff’s podium as an idol.

(Jurors whisper, gesture, start to argue among themselves)

Sophie: Look why doesn’t everyone who is gonna vote for me just stand up, and come over here. I am clearly the PWAWWAWP.

(Entire jury nods and moves to stand next to Sophie)

End Scene.

So there you have it, Sophie declared she is the PWAWWAWP this week, and who am I to gainsay the decision of everyone who stood by her.

But what do you think loyal readers? I know you all love Sophie, but Last week your MVP was Adam, presumably for the amazing comedy he brought. Who ya got this week?

Who is Your Week 10 WAW MVP?

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