Purple Rock Offseason of No Survivor Podcast: Die Hard (1988)

Andy and Matt get SUPER self-indulgent by discussing one of their very favourite movies at a time that is seasonally appropriate. Because, as a reminder, WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT SURVIVOR THIS OFFSEASON.

Note: since we’re talking about an R rated action movie, our conversation is, at the very least, PG-13.

Purple Rock Off Season of No Survivor podcast: Die Hard (1988)

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In this episode, Andy and Matt discuss:

  • Our qualifications to host a movie podcast (spoiler: we have none).
  • The Die Hard Christmas movie debate.
  • Whether or not the opinions of millennials matter when it comes to Die Hard.
  • The most 80s moments of Die Hard.
  • Why we love Die Hard so much.
  • The key elements that make it work.
  • What is a “Die Hard Movie” and what’s the best Die Hard-type movie?
  • Our proposals for a Die Hard movie that could work today.
  • Matt grills Andy on Die Hard trivia.
  • Our favourite scenes.
  • That THIS happened:

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