Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Final Predictions Score

Let’s wrap this up with a big table and very few words.

This is largely for archival purposes only.

Andy John Emma
Matt Mark Readers
18th Place Katrina Chrissy Katrina Katrina Katrina Katrina
17th Place Simone Patrick Lauren Ali Lauren Lauren
16th Place Lauren Lauren Patrick Patrick Lauren Lauren
15th Place Joe Jessica Joe Joe Cole Joe
14th Place Roark Roark Roark Roark Roark Roark
13th Place Ali JP JP Ali Chrissy Ali
12th Place Cole JP Desi Cole Cole Cole
11th Place Joe Joe Desi Desi Joe
10th Place Joe Cole JP Joe Joe
9th Place Mike JP Joe Ashley Ashley
8th Place Joe Joe Ben JP Mike
7th Place Mike Mike Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan
6th Place Ben Mike Devon Ashley Ashley Ben
5th Place Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike
4th Place Devon Ben Devon Ryan Ryan Ben
3rd Place Chrissy Chrissy Ryan Chrissy Chrissy Chrissy
2nd Place Ryan Ryan Chrissy Devon Ben Ryan
Winner Ben Devon Ben Ben Devon Devon

Congratulations to Emma for sweeping the finale to win. For the readers, you may have seen poll results that suggested that you had gotten third and second place right. Which is true, in that a lot of people voted after the episode had already aired. I don’t tend to count those votes. Although, even with them, y’all finish no higher than fourth. Cheat better next time.