Purple Rock podcast episode 12: Gloves come off

Andy and John finally get the Tyson vs. Ciera showdown they’ve been waiting for, and it lasts all of about 5 minutes.

But all the Survivors are on their game strategy-wise in this episode, and it leads to a lot of decisions to break down: Was Ciera smart to stick with Tyson? Should Caleb and Hayden have targeted Tyson? Should Laura M have helped Tina take out Vytas?

Purple Rock episode 12: Gloves come off

Still, the most interesting discussion this week centers around the promo for next week that is littered with spoilers (not the one that aired after the episode; a separate promo is airing during football games and on CBS.com). We give plenty of warning before we discuss it, so if you want to remain unspoiled, you can still safely listen to the episode.