Purple Rock podcast episode 14: Out on a limb

Farewell, Hay-train. You’ve been derailed by Gervase, at least according to Gervase. And get ready for some gloating, as Ciera’s first (and let’s be honest, only) immunity win has Andy ready to gloat. Meanwhile, John pats Andy on the head and points at the scoreboard, where Tyson has built a massive lead.

Purple Rock episode 14: Out on a limb

We respond to a listener email about Survivor “goats” and discuss our favorite goats of all-time, and answer another listener’s question about Ciera’s chances should she make final tribal. We also invite a guest to this episode: the winner of last season’s Survivor fantasy league, Adam B. Adam discusses his favorite seasons of Survivor, how he’d do on the show, and the best strategy to make it to final tribal council in a leadership role. He also responds to Andy’s Survivor league taunting.

We conclude by giving you predictions for the finale this Sunday.