Purple Rock Podcast Watch-Along: Cook Islands

survivor cook islands logo

As we now approach what would have been the premiere of season 41, we decided it was time for another watch-along series. Instead of doing another vote, or simply choosing the second-place finisher of the last vote, the decision has been made for you! PRP has always ranked Cook Islands higher than the average viewer, so we (read: Andy) thought it would be worth taking a look back and re-evaluating the season. Could we be overrating it? No; no, it’s the other fans who are wrong.

A few things will be different than the Pearl Islands watch-along:

  1. We’re making our own podcast… with Blackjack and Hookers! That’s right, it’s the Matt and Emma show, everyone’s favorite version of PRP. Will there be guest appearances from other staff members? Maybe. We don’t know. This is a pretty non-committal group.
  2. No spoiler section. All spoilers all the time, baby! There wasn’t enough evidence that having a spoiler-free portion was providing any real value to the listeners, and it made the conversation more difficult. We’re announcing this a week in advance to give people who haven’t seen the season a chance to binge. Use spoiler tags for this comment section for the sake of those hypothetical folks, but otherwise feel free to talk all things Cook Islands in future comment sections.
  3. We’re speeding things up by combining some episodes. The one-per-week approach is just less effective when you can’t speculate on future moves. We’ll be following the below schedule:February 19: episodes 1-2
    February 26: episodes 3-4
    March 5: episodes 5-6
    March 12: episodes 8-9
    March 19: episode 10
    March 26: episode 11
    April 2: episode 12-13
    April 9: episode 14
    April 16: episode 15-16 (finale/reunion)
    *Note: episode 7 is a recap and will be skipped.

Feel free to speculate on what are reactions will be in the comment section!