Purple Rock Survivor Podcast Watch-Along: Cook Islands Episodes 1&2

Picture this: it’s 2006 and you’re sheepishly explaining to friends that you actually love the show that just divided people be race. Join us as we revisit the first two episodes of Survivor: Cook Islands.

Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Cook Islands episodes 1&2

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In this episode, Emma and Matt… and Andy for some reason, discuss:

  • Why the theme was a terrible idea with one (1) benefit.
  • How the first trips to Exile affect the course of the game.
  • Could anything have changed the outcome of the first vote?
  • Who doesn’t fit in with their tribe, and why.
  • Was this the worst challenge throw of all time?
  • Billy. Why Billy, why?
  • What our viewing partners think of the season.
  • Checking in with the future returning players.