Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: David vs Goliath Episode Ten- “Tribal Lines Are Blurred”

It’s a double-stuffed episode of Survivor, and John and Brad are definitely not going to make jokes about that.


Purple Rock Survivor podcast: David vs Goliath Episode Ten – “Tribal Lines Are Blurred”

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In this episode, John and Brad discuss:

  • Nick’s idol-finding
  • That marathon immunity challenge
  • Booting Alec and Carl
  • The editing of the show this season
  • Gabby- bawler, baller, or both?
  • Angelina, gift to the world of Survivor
  • Seriously, she’s so great
  • More Angelina- what’s she doing on social media?
  • Is there any more Angelina talk we can fit in? No? Ugh, fine, we can move on
  • Season check-ins
  • Predictions
  • Next week’s co-hosts: Blackjack and Hookers