Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Edge of Extinction premiere – “It Smells Like Success”

Andy and Matt discuss a not-particularly packed premiere episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

A fixer-upper.

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Edge of Extinction Premiere – “It Smells Like Success”

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Watch or listen as Andy and Matt discuss unfortunately named contestants and other things, such as:

  • If 60 minutes is enough time to have an opinion on a premiere.
  • Our outlook for the rest of the season.
  • If we’re excited about these four returnees.
  • Which newbies stood out.
  • Was it unfair to vote out Reem?
  • Keith’s move to throw Reem and Wendy under the bus.
  • If we’re buying the idea that Kelley Wentworth is becoming a villain.
  • The advantage menu.
  • Weaving palm fronds.
  • Marked for extinction: should the concept of isolated “islands” on Survivor go extinct?
  • How the gimmick at the end of this episode was executed.
  • Our other shit.