Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Palau Full Season Revisit

Revisiting all of Survivor: Palau in one mini(ish) sized podcast. Watch out, Andy’s back at it again.

The majority of these people are not discussed. Not even in passing.

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Join the Purple Rock Andy for a full season overview of Survivor: Palau, which helpfully does not require/demand you rewatch the season as well. It is spoiler-filled, so you probably should have seen it at some point.

In this episode, Andy (just Andy, you’ve been warned) discusses:

  • Why your opinion of this season may be suspect.
  • The unique pleasures of Survivor: Palau.
  • Why Tom Westman is one of the greats.
  • How Ian fares in a rewatch.
  • Andy’s second favourite player of the season.
  • Katie: worse than you may remember.
  • If Steph’s big moment still plays.

Supplemental material: