Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 44 episode 10 – “Full Tilt Boogie”

(Fake) idols may fade, but the Purple Rock Podcast never will!* Join Andy and John as they discuss the tenth episode of Survivor 44.


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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • How’d we like the episode?
  • What the absence of producer-driven twists in the past two episodes has done for the season.
  • The decision to vote out Frannie.
    • Was it right for Danny? Why did he save her with his idol two votes ago and then turn around and leave her out of last week’s vote and target her this week?
    • Was it right for Lauren and Jaime? Or should they have gone with the Danny or Heidi plans?
    • Was it the right idea for Carson and Yam Yam? If so, was it the right execution?
  • Carolyn. Of course.
  • Did the surprise family reward doom Frannie?
  • The truth will not save you.
  • Fake idols now and forever!
  • Cracks in Danny’s social game.
  • Are we in on Carson yet? Why or why not.
  • Final thoughts on Frannie.