Purple Rock Survivor Podcast: Survivor 45 episode 6 – “I’m Not Batman, I’m the Canadian”

The sixth episode of Survivor 45 didn’t have to go this hard to clear the bar of “greatest Mergatory episode ever”, but we’re glad it did.

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In this episode, the Purple Rock Podcast discusses:

  • Our feelings on the episode.
  • Bruce’s idol find.
  • The general absence of Bruce-Katurah beef content.
  • Has the “not a merge” thing grown on you at all by this point?
  • Should Katurah have weighed Bruce’s presence on that team before picking them as a winner?
  • Was Bruce correct to target Kaleb?
  • Is Emily getting better at this or is this further proof of Kaleb’s greatness?
  • Does J Maya’s exit demonstrate the risk of standing between the hungry and a sandwich?
  • How did we have a unanimous vote for Kaleb?
  • Did Kaleb fuck it up at tribal council (prior to the SITD)?
  • Kaleb fucked it up at tribal (with the SITD). Now that we’ve seen it work, are we a fan?
  • Based on the unanimous votes, do we have any idea where the alliances break down next week?