Purple Rock Watch-Along: The Amazing Race 7 Viewing Plan

After joking about doing this for at least a year now, the jokes are becoming reality. Which, by the way, is exactly how the podcast willed itself into being. So start guessing what other long time running jokes around here will one day become reality. Until then… it’s time for this Survivor website to cover The Amazing Race.

I said in my recent defense of Boston Rob that a key to understanding his appeal is to have seen him in this season of The Amazing Race. So if you haven’t already and are interested, now’s the perfect time. If you’ve seen it before and want to re-live one of the more exciting seasons of reality TV, this is a good time for that too. We’ll be watching three episodes a week for the next month and discussing them as a community.

And since I want new viewers to come along, the weekly write-up will be spoiler-free. No discussions about what happens in future episodes, no hints. If people want to get into that in comments, you’re welcome to, but please put them between spoiler tags like so:

Coverage will consist of weekly written posts by me. They won’t be live blogs, and I hope that they won’t be recaps either, but we’ll see what they become when I write them. Here’s the schedule:

  • August 24h: Episodes 1-3
  • August 31st: Episodes 4-6
  • September 7th: Episodes 7-9
  • September 14th: Episodes 10-12

Note: The next season of Survivor debuts September 27th.

As for how you can watch the season, I’ve been told that it is on Amazon Prime, but not CBS (not so) All-Access. Someone else would have to check Hulu for us, since none of these services are available to me. They released the season on DVD, so you might be able to track it down that way (as I have) via purchase or the library. If anyone knows of other means to watch the show, feel free to share in comments if you are comfortable doing so.