Purple Rock Watch-Along: Palau Viewing Plan

Blurry Denzel and Barbara Anderson detail the upcoming Watch-Along schedule for Survivor: Palau.

The Breakdown of the Schedule

Blurry Denzel- I’m extremely excited for the JV Squad takeover of this site for the summer with Barbara Anderson for the Watch-Along of Survivor: Palau. Every Wednesday for the month of June, we will come out with a new post. For everyone that wants to join in, CBS All Access has the season available. Hulu has the season too, but not the premiere for some weird reason.

June 6th- Episodes 1-4
June 13th- Episodes 5-8
June 20th- Episodes 9-11
June 27th- Episodes 12-14

Barbara Anderson- I suspect the reason why Hulu doesn’t have the premiere is due to Wanda singing. Friendly warning: CBS All Access does not include any of Wanda’s songs, but everything else is still intact.

Why Palau?

BA- I’m known around these parts for many things: being a witch, kicking ass in fantasy leagues, reading a lot of random books, not playing very many videogames, and not liking Cambodia that much. However, another thing I am known for is not having seen a lot of the so-called “great” seasons of Survivor (aka, the early seasons). Once certain people figured out that I hadn’t seen Palau (apparently watching the season finale live does not count), it became a running joke in the comment sections. Finally, after watching Cambodia three times, I decided that I needed to take on one of the most unique seasons of Survivor ever, but I couldn’t do it alone. Who else to join me but the person who made it his mission to remind me that I hadn’t seen Palau at every possible moment?

BD- It took two years to convince Barbara Anderson to watch Palau. I just want good things for her. I love this season. The cast is very solid with a few superstars, the gameplay is fascinating, the storytelling is amazing, the challenges are very well designed and there are some really funny moments. I’ve been suggesting Palau for this site to do the past two summers. I finally reached the point where I realized that I should just do it myself. Palau reaches points that Survivor has never seen before or since. This is my favorite non HvV season of Survivor. It deserves to be dissected. Survivor can create another Heroes vs Villains, but there will never be another Palau.

The Format of this Particular Watch-Along

BD- Our Watch-Along will be less of recap of the episode and more of analysis of what’s going on. There are so many topics to touch on and I’m very excited to dive into all of it.

BA- Yes, our plan is to do more analysis with historical context about Palau and its place in Survivor history. In other words, this Watch-Along will be full of spoilers minus this post. So, if you want to stay spoiler-free about Palau, maybe avoid commenting until you have finished watching the season. The reason we are doing this particular approach is that Palau is a season full of Survivor landmines that are relatively hard to avoid or act like we didn’t know they were there. Like Blurry Denzel said, we are excited to do this and have you all along for the ride. So join us, won’t you?