Ranking the Survivor seasons: Every guest’s season rankings

Did you listen to our summer series of podcasts discussing every Survivor season and think, “This guest is insane, Season X shouldn’t be ranked anywhere near that high/low!” Judging from the email and comments we’ve received, you did.

Now that we’ve finally talked to each of our guests, you can see the rankings they provided to us before our series began. If you’re intrigued by someone’s list and want to hear that guest’s podcast, click on his/her name to go to that episode.

Do you like one person’s list more than the others? Is there one guest that did a terrible job at ranking seasons? If so, let us know either in the comments below, on Twitter (@PurpleRockPod), or on gmail (purplerockpodcast). As always, thanks for listening!

Note: The rankings are listed as they were provided to us. We specifically asked guests to rank their top 15 and their worst season(s). When you see blank spaces in the list below, it’s either because that guest hasn’t seen any additional seasons, or because he/she didn’t care enough to rank those seasons. So for example, Adam gave us his top 17, but also wanted to make sure that it was clear that Thailand was the worst Survivor season of all time.

Rank Emma Matt Adam Billy
1 Heroes vs. Villains Micronesia Heroes vs. Villains Cook Islands
2 Micronesia Heroes vs. Villains Borneo Palau
3 Cook Islands Palau Pearl Islands Heroes vs. Villains
4 China Philippines Palau Cagayan
5 Philippines Pearl Islands All-Stars Tocantins
6 Pearl Islands Borneo Australia Blood vs. Water
7 Amazon Cagayan Micronesia Fiji
8 Tocantins Cook Islands Amazon Panama
9 Borneo Tocantins Vanuatu China
10 Palau Amazon Guatemala Micronesia
11 Cagayan China Caramoan Australia
12 Blood vs. Water Blood vs. Water Cagayan Pearl Islands
13 Marquesas Caramoan Panama Vanuatu
14 Australia Australia Marquesas Guatemala
15 Africa Samoa Redemption Island Amazon
16 All-stars Blood vs. Water Samoa
17 Panama South Pacific Marquesas
18 Vanuatu Thailand
19 One World Africa
20 South Pacific Gabon
21 Africa Nicaragua
22 Redemption Island
24 Fiji Philippines
25 Thailand Samoa
26 Gabon Africa
27 South Pacific Nicaragua
28 Nicaragua Thailand
Rank Will Chelsey Craig Michelle
1 Heroes vs. Villains Heroes vs. Villains Micronesia Tocantins
2 Cagayan Micronesia Samoa Micronesia
3 Tocantins Blood vs. Water Australia Philippines
4 Pearl Islands Borneo Caramoan Cook Islands
5 Borneo Caramoan Heroes vs. Villains Caramoan
6 Philippines Philippines Cagayan Blood vs. Water
7 Micronesia Pearl Islands Pearl Islands Cagayan
8 Amazon Cook Islands One World One World
9 Samoa All-Stars Borneo Heroes vs. Villains
10 China Cagayan Vanuatu Redemption Island
11 Cook Islands Samoa Blood vs. Water Gabon
12 Blood vs. Water One World Cook Islands South Pacific
13 Palau Australia Philippines Samoa
14 All-Stars South Pacific South Pacific Nicaragua
15 Panama Redemption Island China
16 Caramoan
17 Guatemala
18 Vanuatu
19 Australia
20 Africa
21 Gabon
22 Thailand
23 Redemption Island
24 South Pacific
25 Fiji
26 One World Nicaragua
27 Marquesas
28 Fiji