The Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ranking the Survivor seasons, episode 8 (Micronesia, Palau, Pearl Islands, Africa)

Purple Rock Survivor podcast: Ranking the Survivor seasons, episode 8

In this episode, we finally reach the finish line of discussing every single Survivor season to date, giving us all the information we’ll need to create our own definitive ranking of every season in Survivor history.

Fortunately, we’ve saved some of the best seasons for last, as this episode includes discussion of Micronesia (a.k.a. Fans vs. Favorites), Palau (a.k.a. Ulong vs. Competence), Pearl Islands (a.k.a. Great cast vs. Terrible twist), and Africa (a.k.a. People vs. Starving). Our guest Matt tells us why Andy’s opinion about Micronesia is wrong, why Tom Westman was the greatest Survivor player up to that point, and the exact moment when Rupert became America’s Survivor sweetheart.

We also hit the beep button a surprising number of times, although it was necessary to honor Eliza’s greatest moment from Micronesia. This may also be the first episode we’ve ever used the term “handjob”. We’re really raising the level of Survivor discourse here at the Purple Rock Survivor Podcast.

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