Survivor 42 Bonus Content Roundup – Weeks 3 & 4

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episodes of Survivor 42.

I meant to write this post on Sunday night, and then I didn’t. And then I meant to write this on Monday night. I, again, did not. It is now Tuesday night, and I am making a bad decision to skip work stuff to do this. If you, dear reader, are also skipping your work duties to check the PRP at 10:43 on a Wednesday, then welcome!

Or if you’re responsible and are looking to get back to work, just jump straight to the fourth clip. Then go ahead and delete your PRP bookmark because “getting back to work” is not the sort of thing that we do around here.

This Week In Secret Scenes

”Jenny’s Papaya Tree Is Just A Euphemism”

I love this running gag of people on Vati losing things in the forest and then stumbling across them later. First idols, now papayas!

What’s funny is that Jenny’s very real papayas (verified via flashback!) lead both Hai and Chanelle to assume that Jenny is idol-hunting. Hai and Lydia were probably targeting Jenny over Mike due to challenge strength, but stuff like this wouldn’t help Jenny’s cause.

”Bring Your Flint With You. Not Us.”

Nothing much to say here beyond that you have to love the brash confidence of a Taku tribe that can’t lose.

”I’m Physically Exhausted”

The players always allude to how awful the trek up the trail is, but this clip gives a little more light to how exhausting the entire thing is. Chanelle and Omar both voice a reminder that this is happening directly after a brutal physical challenge. In short, going on a journey sucks!

So in reviewing the decision calculus that Chanelle made in risking her vote for a (likely ineffective) extra vote, remember that she also burned whatever calories she had left during the hike! Chanelle lost even more than her vote!

”I Have To Choose Myself”

This is the one clip that does the most to extend what we’ve seen in the episode. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it needed to be in the final cut, mostly because we don’t really learn anything new from these 90 seconds. But with that said…

Daniel! Put! Down! The Shovel!

Daniel wants to voice his frustrations with Chanelle, and fair enough. I just do not know that he is doing a very good job in persuading Chanelle to do what he wants. For example, Daniel says “I’m persona non grata, and people like you” as a rationale for why Chanelle should act in Daniel’s best interest, as opposed to her own. And as Chanelle rightfully points out, that’s not how this game works.

”This Is Your Bracelet, Right?”

”We Can’t Lose On My Birthday”

These two Treemail clips can go together. Not much worth dissecting here beyond the fact that Maryanne is collecting the Treemail beads, possibly foreshadowing a … everyone, say it with me now … fake idol!

I can imagine it now. Maryanne plants a fake idol and cannot hide her devilish grin as Tori finds the package in a tree. Tori takes off with the idol but does not get so far away that she can’t hear Maryanne’s delighted cackle some hundred feet back.