Survivor Cambodia Episode 12 Liveblog – “Tiny Little Shanks to the Heart”

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Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
Down goes Joe! Down goes Joe!  (I said it twice because the first one is for him collapsing and the second is for him being voted out, duh).  But seriously, Joe was a beast this season, and him fainting was scary, but you absolutely have to eliminate him when you got the chance.  Can’t let two opportunities pass you by.  Now the question seems to be will the women’s alliance be the way forward this season, or will it be Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer?
Three Up:
Keith (he slew the golden boy!), Kelley (won immunity, controlled the vote, having a great season), Tasha (After weeks of being out of the loop Tasha sits in the center of it all).
Three Down:
Jeremy (the thought of a women’s alliance terrifies him), Joe’s dominance (bye bye challenge beast, you beasted too hard, too long), Keith’s random Tasha vote (Keith gonna Keith y’all).
Savage Corner: Nothing new this week.  Still wearing that beanie, and sad to see Joe go.