Survivor Cambodia Episode 3 Liveblog

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Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
Ok so this episode was scary for the Purple Rock staff.  I thought my boy Savage was going home for a long time and then I got even more worried when Varner looked to be in trouble. But it seemed that camera lingering on Peih Gee was indeed a clue that that alliance would be blown up.  I do not think this new Angkor alliance is that tight, but I also think there is now no trust between Woo and Varner and Abi.  This is now two times that Varner and Woo have been on opposite ends of a vote when they began the day in an alliance.  And I think Angkor is going to continue to lose.  On Bayon, Jeremy continues to get a great edit.  Not just because of the idol (which was slick), but also because we saw him be the only one on that tribe making bonds (ok Spencer too, I guess).  But Jeremy is in a good enough spot, that I think he is a major power player this season.  And on Ta Keo, that tribe isn’t going anywhere guys.  They aren’t going to lose a challenge in this set up.  Calling it now.
Three Up:
Jeremy, Tasha (she got the credit for turning this vote, well done Tasha), Monica (guess who got a confessional!), Woo’s puzzled face.
Three Down:
Spencer (stop showing emotion in a weird robotic way), Varner (he survived, but he showed some serious cracks in the armor), Woo’s chances of being on the right side of a vote.
Savage Corner: Checking, checking, yep, I still love Savage.  Duh.  This was super dicey guys, and for a long time I thought this was it and he was going home.  But nope! Tasha and he managed to play on the rifts within Varner’s alliance and turn the vote the way they wanted it to go.  Now the only question is did they make the right choice or will this be shades of Tasha and J’Tia?