Survivor Cambodia Fantasy League Scoreboard- Week 3

Three episodes down so far. How is your team doing in the greatest Survivor Cambodia fantasy league on the internet? Read on to find out. 

Jeremy is the big winner of the week, scoring a win at the challenge and picking up an idol in the process. He and Wentworth are your current points leaders. San Juan del Sur represent! (But please, no further representation from San Juan del Sur in future seasons. The three we got here are as deep as that well goes.)

TiminSoCal moves into sole possession of first place, which rarely happens so early in the season. So congrats, TiminSoCal! But as a fellow participant in this league, I speak for everyone when I say: May your reign be short-lived.

Pick-4 League

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RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1TiminSoCalCiera- 7Jeremy- 9Keith- 7Wentworth- 831
2m0nit0rmanCiera- 7Jeremy- 9Monica- 6Wentworth- 830
3IspeakllamaJeremy- 9Joe- 7Tasha- 5Wentworth- 829
3aj hillerJeremy- 9Joe- 7Savage- 5Wentworth- 829
5GeorgeCiera- 7Jeremy- 9Joe- 7Savage- 528
5Saturday Night PalsyCiera- 7Jeremy- 9Keith- 7Tasha- 528
5doctor wuJeremy- 9Monica- 6Tasha- 5Wentworth- 828
5Lisa LJeremy- 9Stephen- 6Tasha- 5Wentworth- 828
9rygelCiera- 7Jeremy- 9Varner- 3Wentworth- 827
9Barbara AndersonJeremy- 9Keith- 7Varner- 3Wentworth- 827
9ebolamonkey84Jeremy- 9Joe- 7Varner- 3Wentworth- 827
12sirlivealotCiera- 7Joe- 7Spencer- 4Wentworth- 826
12turgid_legumeJeremy- 9Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Wentworth- 826
12LizJeremy- 9Stephen- 6Varner- 3Wentworth- 826
12Prom KingJeremy- 9Monica- 6Varner- 3Wentworth- 826
16DutchJoe- 7Savage- 5Tasha- 5Wentworth- 825
16MCMoss14Keith- 7Savage- 5Tasha- 5Wentworth- 825
16annieCiera- 7Keith- 7Varner- 3Wentworth- 825
16Benjamin KrautkramerJeremy- 9Savage- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 825
16FloworefsJeremy- 9Tasha- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 825
16Everyone is someoneKeith- 7Kimmi- 6Terry- 4Wentworth- 825
16MattsGoddessesKimmi- 6Monica- 6Tasha- 5Wentworth- 825
16Louie LeeCiera- 7Spencer- 4Stephen- 6Wentworth- 825
24KarterpillerCiera- 7Kass- 7Keith- 7Varner- 324
24Adam BCiera- 7Savage- 5Spencer- 4Wentworth- 824
24Something QuirkyCiera- 7Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Wentworth- 824
24fransesquaCiera- 7Monica- 6Varner- 3Wentworth- 824
24Jeff Probst's HairpieceJoe- 7Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Wentworth- 824
24Ethan KyleKeith- 7Stephen- 6Varner- 3Wentworth- 824
24MonsieurTJeremy- 9Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 5Wentworth- 824
24Purple Rock EmmaMonica- 6Stephen- 6Terry- 4Wentworth- 824
24Team lillewieKeith- 7Kimmi- 6Wentworth- 8Wiglesworth- 324
24Micah GillJeremy- 9Kass- 7Monica- 6Peih Gee- 224
24cazkayeJeremy- 9Shirin- 1Stephen- 6Wentworth- 824
24True AlainerAbi Maria- 3Jeremy- 9Spencer- 4Wentworth- 824
24chicago95Jeremy- 9Spencer- 4Varner- 3Wentworth- 824
24No Eyes in BlindfoldKimmi- 6Spencer- 4Stephen- 6Wentworth- 824
24Zachary ChongJeremy- 9Monica- 6Stephen- 6Varner- 324
24Jim AndrewsJeremy- 9Monica- 6Spencer- 4Tasha- 524
40PhillipKeith- 7Tasha- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 823
40Dr.HorribleCiera- 7Tasha- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 823
40thetallman_ZCiera- 7Savage- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 823
40Brooke RKeith- 7Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 6Wentworth- 823
40this bear is tops bloobyJeremy- 9Tasha- 5Wentworth- 8Woo- 123
40Overshoppe.comAbi Maria- 3Ciera- 7Joe- 7Stephen- 623
40Purple Rock JohnMonica- 6Savage- 5Spencer- 4Wentworth- 823
40CrappySpencer- 4Stephen- 6Tasha- 5Wentworth- 823
40AndreSurvivorKimmi- 6Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Wentworth- 823
40DoublelayHalfJeremy- 9Kimmi- 6Tasha- 5Varner- 323
40RockerJeremy- 9Kass- 7Spencer- 4Varner- 323
40We Want Good TVCiera- 7Monica- 6Spencer- 4Stephen- 623
52Purple Rock MattMonica- 6Savage- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 822
52BananasCiera- 7Shirin- 1Stephen- 6Wentworth- 822
52notJennCantDanceKass- 7Spencer- 4Varner- 3Wentworth- 822
52Brenda4evahCiera- 7Spencer- 4Varner- 3Wentworth- 822
52VeronicaMarsIsBrightTonightKeith- 7Spencer- 4Varner- 3Wentworth- 822
52gouisKass- 7Monica- 6Stephen- 6Varner- 322
52Max_JetsJeremy- 9Kimmi- 6Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 522
52bookplayerKeith- 7Spencer- 4Stephen- 6Tasha- 522
52SagoPalmCiera- 7Jeremy- 9Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 422
52Martin RegalaCiera- 7Monica- 6Stephen- 6Wiglesworth- 322
52WinnerWinnerChickenDinnerJeremy- 9Spencer- 4Stephen- 6Varner- 322
63bder19Ciera- 7Tasha- 5Wentworth- 8Woo- 121
63HectorTheWellEndowedJoe- 7Tasha- 5Wentworth- 8Woo- 121
63HeisenbergAbi Maria- 3Ciera- 7Varner- 3Wentworth- 821
63Streets_AheadKimmi- 6Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 5Wentworth- 821
63LimpopoPeih Gee- 2Savage- 5Stephen- 6Wentworth- 821
63Alex CCiera- 7Savage- 5Spencer- 4Tasha- 521
63thejefrablindsideCiera- 7Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 4Wentworth- 821
631qaz2wsxCiera- 7Joe- 7Stephen- 6Woo- 121
63Maulik ShahCiera- 7Monica- 6Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 621
63sten storKimmi- 6Spencer- 4Varner- 3Wentworth- 821
63MenschJeremy- 9Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Varner- 321
63BananaGrubJeremy- 9Keith- 7Shirin- 1Spencer- 421
63bassmanxviCiera- 7Jeremy- 9Peih Gee- 2Wiglesworth- 321
63ZacharyJeremy- 9Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 4Stephen- 621
63JackJeremy- 9Stephen- 6Varner- 3Wiglesworth- 321
63tanjaJeremy- 9Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Wiglesworth- 321
79Kemper BoydCiera- 7Peih Gee- 2Varner- 3Wentworth- 820
79Keep Calm and Hodor OnKeith- 7Peih Gee- 2Varner- 3Wentworth- 820
79dig dougCiera- 7Kass- 7Savage- 5Woo- 120
79tocantinsMonica- 6Tasha- 5Wentworth- 8Woo- 120
79Diego ArmandoSavage- 5Spencer- 4Varner- 3Wentworth- 820
79Violina23Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 820
79Ryan DeschampPeih Gee- 2Stephen- 6Terry- 4Wentworth- 820
79Michael DyerSavage- 5Spencer- 4Wentworth- 8Wiglesworth- 320
87free7694Savage- 5Tasha- 5Wentworth- 8Woo- 119
87Ellen CCiera- 7Shirin- 1Varner- 3Wentworth- 819
87Lisa MansfieldCiera- 7Terry- 4Vytas- 0Wentworth- 819
87Ms_WoozahMonica- 6Peih Gee- 2Varner- 3Wentworth- 819
87Crystal LynnePeih Gee- 2Stephen- 6Varner- 3Wentworth- 819
87RoswulfJoe- 7Monica- 6Tasha- 5Woo- 119
87Carol DowningCiera- 7Monica- 6Tasha- 5Woo- 119
87Untitled Clint Howard ProjectPeih Gee- 2Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Wentworth- 819
87NearlyNinaJeremy- 9Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 5Varner- 319
87Mechanical SharkSavage- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 8Wiglesworth- 319
87BenAbi Maria- 3Ciera- 7Spencer- 4Tasha- 519
87WaffleStackTasha- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 8Wiglesworth- 319
87Lira2012Joe- 7Kass- 7Shirin- 1Spencer- 419
87Joseph FinnJeremy- 9Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Woo- 119
87Jacob SWAbi Maria- 3Jeremy- 9Terry- 4Wiglesworth- 319
102VoicOffPeih Gee- 2Tasha- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 818
102LawsKass- 7Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Wentworth- 818
102Mike SweeneyAbi Maria- 3Kass- 7Keith- 7Woo- 118
102Gipsy DangerCiera- 7Joe- 7Shirin- 1Varner- 318
102Icarus ArtsKass- 7Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 6Varner- 318
102mayvenMonica- 6Shirin- 1Varner- 3Wentworth- 818
102Sinan FaiadShirin- 1Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Wentworth- 818
102John CCiera- 7Monica- 6Peih Gee- 2Varner- 318
102Mohamed RaoufKeith- 7Tasha- 5Varner- 3Wiglesworth- 318
102Purple Rock MarkMonica- 6Savage- 5Spencer- 4Varner- 318
102Kent McKKass- 7Spencer- 4Stephen- 6Woo- 118
102Disgruntled GoatStephen- 6Tasha- 5Terry- 4Wiglesworth- 318
102Andrew SwiftSpencer- 4Varner- 3Wentworth- 8Wiglesworth- 318
115PeachykeeneJoe- 7Peih Gee- 2Savage- 5Varner- 317
115jackdw97Shirin- 1Tasha- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 817
115SG StandardTasha- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 8Woo- 117
115Ara MorinSavage- 5Shirin- 1Varner- 3Wentworth- 817
115ninaptimeSavage- 5Varner- 3Wentworth- 8Woo- 117
115Rachel KoeperMonica- 6Peih Gee- 2Wentworth- 8Woo- 117
115hornacekKimmi- 6Peih Gee- 2Wentworth- 8Woo- 117
115forever1267Savage- 5Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Varner- 317
115Special Agent PhileJoe- 7Spencer- 4Tasha- 5Woo- 117
115Ryan JaydenStephen- 6Varner- 3Vytas- 0Wentworth- 817
115Brandon BryceJeremy- 9Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Tasha- 517
115EmandScoutinBKPeih Gee- 2Spencer- 4Varner- 3Wentworth- 817
115Michael SMonica- 6Stephen- 6Tasha- 5Vytas- 017
115Come On In HereKeith- 7Monica- 6Wiglesworth- 3Woo- 117
115vaderdawsnJeremy- 9Shirin- 1Spencer- 4Wiglesworth- 317
130Tovah AthaPeih Gee- 2Tasha- 5Wentworth- 8Woo- 116
130XL PelicanKeith- 7Tasha- 5Varner- 3Woo- 116
130Crom DeluiseCiera- 7Keith- 7Peih Gee- 2Vytas- 016
130SarahPeih Gee- 2Stephen- 6Tasha- 5Varner- 316
130prettyboyprobstKimmi- 6Peih Gee- 2Savage- 5Varner- 316
130indescribable hatCiera- 7Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Stephen- 616
130Robyn HipA$$Keith- 7Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 4Varner- 316
130Count BulletsulaMonica- 6Stephen- 6Varner- 3Woo- 116
130Other ScottSpencer- 4Stephen- 6Tasha- 5Woo- 116
130Scarlett3639Savage- 5Shirin- 1Spencer- 4Stephen- 616
140MrBurkesButtonsSavage- 5Stephen- 6Terry- 4Vytas- 015
140WeAreGonnaGoToMatchesCiera- 7Shirin- 1Spencer- 4Varner- 315
140Jonathan MichaelsStephen- 6Tasha- 5Wiglesworth- 3Woo- 115
140Wet Biscuit McGleeSpencer- 4Tasha- 5Varner- 3Wiglesworth- 315
144Rob BrodeurPeih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Varner- 3Wentworth- 814
144Friend ChooserJoe- 7Savage- 5Shirin- 1Woo- 114
144SurvivorFanTyKimmi- 6Shirin- 1Terry- 4Varner- 314
144TJ FaulknerShirin- 1Spencer- 4Stephen- 6Varner- 314
144KingoftongaMonica- 6Peih Gee- 2Varner- 3Wiglesworth- 314
149jordan deckerShirin- 1Varner- 3Wentworth- 8Woo- 113
149Space CowboySavage- 5Shirin- 1Spencer- 4Varner- 313
151DrVanNostrandCiera- 7Peih Gee- 2Varner- 3Vytas- 012
151I was saying Boo-urnsCiera- 7Shirin- 1Terry- 4Vytas- 012
151BCG519Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Stephen- 6Varner- 312
154torchoflawPeih Gee- 2Savage- 5Shirin- 1Wiglesworth- 311

Champions League

Emma and Ebolamonkey84 jump into the lead. Emma is riding the performances of both Kelley and the guy she was kicking under the bus. Ebolamonkey84 has Jeremy dragging along someone that I think was on Survivor once?

Team Player 1 Pts 1 Player 2 Pts 2 Total
Purple Rock Emma Wentworth 8 Terry 4 12
ebolamonkey84 Jeremy 9 Wiglesworth 3 12
Dutch Savage 5 Kimmi 6 11
Purple Rock John Spencer 4 Keith 7 11
The Cage Varner 3 Kass 7 10
Disgruntled Goat Tasha 5 Abi Maria 3 8
fransesqua Joe 7 Shirin 1 8
nearlynina Peih Gee 2 Stephen 6 8
tocantins Vytas 0 Ciera 7 7
SG Standard Monica 6 Woo 1 7

Savage League

Wow, showdown at the top! XL Pelican and Saturday Night Palsy opened up a lead. Team Beautiful and Team Firefighter show no signs of slowing down in the near future, either, so it’s an uphill climb for everyone else.

Team Player 1 Pts1 Player 2 Pts 2 Total
Saturday Night Palsy Jeremy 9 Keith 7 16
XL Pelican Wentworth 8 Joe 7 15
Ms Woozah Stephen 6 Kimmi 6 12
Adam B Spencer 4 Kass 7 11
Purple Rock Mark Peih Gee 2 Ciera 7 9
Purple Rock Matt Savage 5 Terry 4 9
Count Bulletsula Monica 6 Wiglesworth 3 9
Violina23 Tasha 5 Abi Maria 3 8
Diego Armando Varner 3 Woo 1 4
Gouis Vytas 0 Shirin 1 1