Survivor Cambodia Episode 6 Liveblog – “Bunking With The Devil”

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Wrap Thoughts and Three Up and Three Down:
First off, all the feels for Terry.  What they must have felt like, I cannot even imagine.  Our best wishes go out to him and his son.  Ok but onto the episode.  Two big threads here are Stephen trying to make something happen and not having the collateral to do so and Kass and Spencer reunited and it feels so good.  Also somehow Keith and Joe have yet to go to tribal!  That is amazing.  I think Kass’ decision is a bad one not for purely strategic reasons, but because I think Kass’ biggest job in the pre-merge phase is to reassure people that she isn’t prone to flipping, and her first tribal, she does precisely that.  This won’t just piss Savage off, but the signal it sends to everyone else is not a good one.  I think Kass might have trouble finding people to work with next week.
Three Up:
Spencer (his new nickname should be the cockroach.  He will not die), Ciera (the episode framed the vote as being Ciera’s idea, even if I think it was Abi’s.  But that framing tells us something about Ciera who has been invisible thus far.  Namely don’t piss her off, she means business), Jeremy (every week I think he can’t do better, and he does.  His edit is amazing guys.), Abi’s power of revenge.
Three Down:
Stephen (he is trying so damn hard and I just don’t think he has the social capital to control this game, but on the other hand his edit suggests he is a player, but probably not a winner), original Ta Keo (Monica is the only original Bayon we have lost.  Of original Ta Keo we are left with Abi, Kelly, Spencer, and Kelley), Savage’s confidence.
Savage Corner: Savage betrayed!  Rouse the guard!  Savage is in serious trouble!  On the other hand, the challenge I think showed that his bond with Jeremy is alive and well.  So maybe the impending merge saves him and gets him back to the people he can actually trust.