Survivor Cambodia Fantasy League Scoreboard- Week 6

There was a big shake-up in the standings this week thanks to the poll from last week. Read on to see how your team is doing in the Survivor Cambodia fantasy league. 

fantasy league scoreboard- Cambodia

Since he seems to be keeping his promise of updating every week, I’ll once again provide a link to the awesome visualizations one of our commenters made for the fantasy league: If you haven’t checked it out, you should.

So last week, we had a poll asking if you guys wanted the second-place team in three-tribe challenges receiving points. The answer was an overwhelming yes, so this week’s scores may look very different from last week’s. I’m also going to post the scores of the individual Survivors. I had to rewrite some scoring formulas, so please feel free to double-check my work and point out in the comments if you notice any errors.

First, at the request of commenter ItsAFuckingStick,

Individual scoring table

PlayerEp 1Ep 2Ep 3Ep 4Ep 5Ep 6Total
Abi Maria1111329
Peih Gee1100002

Ok, now the fun stuff.

Pick-4 League

There were 25 of you with Woo on your team, so 16% of you are feeling the pain this week. And remember when LisaL was in the lead last week? Well that’s done. Welcome back to sole possession of first place, TiminSoCal! May your reign be short. We’ve got a lot of frequent commenters in the top 20, so the lesson here is that our commenters are great at this (note: please ignore the results of the Purple Rock staff).

RankTeam NamePlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Total
1TiminSoCalCiera- 14Jeremy- 14Keith- 14Wentworth- 1557
2IspeakllamaJeremy- 14Joe- 14Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1555
3aj hillerJeremy- 14Joe- 14Savage- 11Wentworth- 1554
3Saturday Night PalsyCiera- 14Jeremy- 14Keith- 14Tasha- 1254
5GeorgeCiera- 14Jeremy- 14Joe- 14Savage- 1153
6Lisa LJeremy- 14Stephen- 11Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1552
6DutchJoe- 14Savage- 11Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1552
6MCMoss14Keith- 14Savage- 11Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1552
9m0nit0rmanCiera- 14Jeremy- 14Monica- 8Wentworth- 1551
9sirlivealotCiera- 14Joe- 14Spencer- 8Wentworth- 1551
11doctor wuJeremy- 14Monica- 8Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1549
11turgid_legumeJeremy- 14Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1549
11Something QuirkyCiera- 14Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1549
11Jeff Probst's HairpieceJoe- 14Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1549
11Everyone is someoneKeith- 14Kimmi- 11Terry- 9Wentworth- 1549
16this bear is tops bloobyJeremy- 14Tasha- 12Wentworth- 15Woo- 748
16Louie LeeCiera- 14Spencer- 8Stephen- 11Wentworth- 1548
16Adam BCiera- 14Savage- 11Spencer- 8Wentworth- 1548
16Overshoppe.comAbi Maria- 9Ciera- 14Joe- 14Stephen- 1148
16bder19Ciera- 14Tasha- 12Wentworth- 15Woo- 748
16HectorTheWellEndowedJoe- 14Tasha- 12Wentworth- 15Woo- 748
22rygelCiera- 14Jeremy- 14Varner- 4Wentworth- 1547
22Barbara AndersonJeremy- 14Keith- 14Varner- 4Wentworth- 1547
22ebolamonkey84Jeremy- 14Joe- 14Varner- 4Wentworth- 1547
22annieCiera- 14Keith- 14Varner- 4Wentworth- 1547
26MattsGoddessesKimmi- 11Monica- 8Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1546
26True AlainerAbi Maria- 9Jeremy- 14Spencer- 8Wentworth- 1546
26CrappySpencer- 8Stephen- 11Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1546
26AndreSurvivorKimmi- 11Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1546
26Team lillewieKeith- 14Kimmi- 11Wentworth- 15Wiglesworth- 646
261qaz2wsxCiera- 14Joe- 14Stephen- 11Woo- 746
26dig dougCiera- 14Kass- 14Savage- 11Woo- 746
26KarterpillerCiera- 14Kass- 14Keith- 14Varner- 446
34FloworefsJeremy- 14Tasha- 12Varner- 4Wentworth- 1545
34No Eyes in BlindfoldKimmi- 11Spencer- 8Stephen- 11Wentworth- 1545
34bookplayerKeith- 14Spencer- 8Stephen- 11Tasha- 1245
34Alex CCiera- 14Savage- 11Spencer- 8Tasha- 1245
34free7694Savage- 11Tasha- 12Wentworth- 15Woo- 745
34PhillipKeith- 14Tasha- 12Varner- 4Wentworth- 1545
34Dr.HorribleCiera- 14Tasha- 12Varner- 4Wentworth- 1545
41LizJeremy- 14Stephen- 11Varner- 4Wentworth- 1544
41Benjamin KrautkramerJeremy- 14Savage- 11Varner- 4Wentworth- 1544
41Ethan KyleKeith- 14Stephen- 11Varner- 4Wentworth- 1544
41thetallman_ZCiera- 14Savage- 11Varner- 4Wentworth- 1544
41Mike SweeneyAbi Maria- 9Kass- 14Keith- 14Woo- 744
46MonsieurTJeremy- 14Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1543
46Purple Rock EmmaMonica- 8Stephen- 11Terry- 9Wentworth- 1543
46BenAbi Maria- 9Ciera- 14Spencer- 8Tasha- 1243
49Jim AndrewsJeremy- 14Monica- 8Spencer- 8Tasha- 1242
49Purple Rock JohnMonica- 8Savage- 11Spencer- 8Wentworth- 1542
49tocantinsMonica- 8Tasha- 12Wentworth- 15Woo- 742
49Brooke RKeith- 14Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 11Wentworth- 1542
49HeisenbergAbi Maria- 9Ciera- 14Varner- 4Wentworth- 1542
54DoublelayHalfJeremy- 14Kimmi- 11Tasha- 12Varner- 441
54Prom KingJeremy- 14Monica- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 1541
54Joseph FinnJeremy- 14Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Woo- 741
54We Want Good TVCiera- 14Monica- 8Spencer- 8Stephen- 1141
54chicago95Jeremy- 14Spencer- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 1541
54cazkayeJeremy- 14Shirin- 1Stephen- 11Wentworth- 1541
54RoswulfJoe- 14Monica- 8Tasha- 12Woo- 741
54Carol DowningCiera- 14Monica- 8Tasha- 12Woo- 741
54fransesquaCiera- 14Monica- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 1541
54Special Agent PhileJoe- 14Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Woo- 741
54notJennCantDanceKass- 14Spencer- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 1541
54Brenda4evahCiera- 14Spencer- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 1541
54VeronicaMarsIsBrightTonightKeith- 14Spencer- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 1541
54BananasCiera- 14Shirin- 1Stephen- 11Wentworth- 1541
68tanjaJeremy- 14Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Wiglesworth- 640
68RockerJeremy- 14Kass- 14Spencer- 8Varner- 440
68Michael DyerSavage- 11Spencer- 8Wentworth- 15Wiglesworth- 640
68Streets_AheadKimmi- 11Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1540
68Kent McKKass- 14Spencer- 8Stephen- 11Woo- 740
73Max_JetsJeremy- 14Kimmi- 11Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 1239
73Martin RegalaCiera- 14Monica- 8Stephen- 11Wiglesworth- 639
73LimpopoPeih Gee- 2Savage- 11Stephen- 11Wentworth- 1539
73Violina23Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Varner- 4Wentworth- 1539
73thejefrablindsideCiera- 14Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 8Wentworth- 1539
78MenschJeremy- 14Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Varner- 438
78Micah GillJeremy- 14Kass- 14Monica- 8Peih Gee- 238
78Purple Rock MattMonica- 8Savage- 11Varner- 4Wentworth- 1538
78Other ScottSpencer- 8Stephen- 11Tasha- 12Woo- 738
78SagoPalmCiera- 14Jeremy- 14Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 838
78Jacob SWAbi Maria- 9Jeremy- 14Terry- 9Wiglesworth- 638
78Disgruntled GoatStephen- 11Tasha- 12Terry- 9Wiglesworth- 638
78sten storKimmi- 11Spencer- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 1538
78Diego ArmandoSavage- 11Spencer- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 1538
78SG StandardTasha- 12Varner- 4Wentworth- 15Woo- 738
78Lisa MansfieldCiera- 14Terry- 9Vytas- 0Wentworth- 1538
89Zachary ChongJeremy- 14Monica- 8Stephen- 11Varner- 437
89WinnerWinnerChickenDinnerJeremy- 14Spencer- 8Stephen- 11Varner- 437
89gouisKass- 14Monica- 8Stephen- 11Varner- 437
89BananaGrubJeremy- 14Keith- 14Shirin- 1Spencer- 837
89WaffleStackTasha- 12Varner- 4Wentworth- 15Wiglesworth- 637
89ninaptimeSavage- 11Varner- 4Wentworth- 15Woo- 737
89XL PelicanKeith- 14Tasha- 12Varner- 4Woo- 737
89Untitled Clint Howard ProjectPeih Gee- 2Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1537
89Ryan DeschampPeih Gee- 2Stephen- 11Terry- 9Wentworth- 1537
89Lira2012Joe- 14Kass- 14Shirin- 1Spencer- 837
99Jonathan MichaelsStephen- 11Tasha- 12Wiglesworth- 6Woo- 736
99bassmanxviCiera- 14Jeremy- 14Peih Gee- 2Wiglesworth- 636
99Mechanical SharkSavage- 11Varner- 4Wentworth- 15Wiglesworth- 636
99Mohamed RaoufKeith- 14Tasha- 12Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 636
99Sinan FaiadShirin- 1Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Wentworth- 1536
99Tovah AthaPeih Gee- 2Tasha- 12Wentworth- 15Woo- 736
105JackJeremy- 14Stephen- 11Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 635
105ZacharyJeremy- 14Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 8Stephen- 1135
105forever1267Savage- 11Spencer- 8Tasha- 12Varner- 435
105Maulik ShahCiera- 14Monica- 8Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 1135
105Come On In HereKeith- 14Monica- 8Wiglesworth- 6Woo- 735
105hornacekKimmi- 11Peih Gee- 2Wentworth- 15Woo- 735
105Kemper BoydCiera- 14Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wentworth- 1535
105Keep Calm and Hodor OnKeith- 14Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wentworth- 1535
113Ellen CCiera- 14Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 1534
114Andrew SwiftSpencer- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 15Wiglesworth- 633
114VoicOffPeih Gee- 2Tasha- 12Varner- 4Wentworth- 1533
114Friend ChooserJoe- 14Savage- 11Shirin- 1Woo- 733
114Gipsy DangerCiera- 14Joe- 14Shirin- 1Varner- 433
118NearlyNinaJeremy- 14Peih Gee- 2Tasha- 12Varner- 432
118Crystal LynnePeih Gee- 2Stephen- 11Varner- 4Wentworth- 1532
118Rachel KoeperMonica- 8Peih Gee- 2Wentworth- 15Woo- 732
118jackdw97Shirin- 1Tasha- 12Varner- 4Wentworth- 1532
118LawsKass- 14Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Wentworth- 1532
123Purple Rock MarkMonica- 8Savage- 11Spencer- 8Varner- 431
123Michael SMonica- 8Stephen- 11Tasha- 12Vytas- 031
123Scarlett3639Savage- 11Shirin- 1Spencer- 8Stephen- 1131
123Icarus ArtsKass- 14Peih Gee- 2Stephen- 11Varner- 431
123PeachykeeneJoe- 14Peih Gee- 2Savage- 11Varner- 431
123MrBurkesButtonsSavage- 11Stephen- 11Terry- 9Vytas- 031
123Ara MorinSavage- 11Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 1531
130Count BulletsulaMonica- 8Stephen- 11Varner- 4Woo- 730
130Wet Biscuit McGleeSpencer- 8Tasha- 12Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 630
130Ryan JaydenStephen- 11Varner- 4Vytas- 0Wentworth- 1530
130Crom DeluiseCiera- 14Keith- 14Peih Gee- 2Vytas- 030
134vaderdawsnJeremy- 14Shirin- 1Spencer- 8Wiglesworth- 629
134Brandon BryceJeremy- 14Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Tasha- 1229
134SarahPeih Gee- 2Stephen- 11Tasha- 12Varner- 429
134Ms_WoozahMonica- 8Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wentworth- 1529
134EmandScoutinBKPeih Gee- 2Spencer- 8Varner- 4Wentworth- 1529
139prettyboyprobstKimmi- 11Peih Gee- 2Savage- 11Varner- 428
139John CCiera- 14Monica- 8Peih Gee- 2Varner- 428
139mayvenMonica- 8Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 1528
139Robyn HipA$$Keith- 14Peih Gee- 2Spencer- 8Varner- 428
139indescribable hatCiera- 14Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Stephen- 1128
144WeAreGonnaGoToMatchesCiera- 14Shirin- 1Spencer- 8Varner- 427
144jordan deckerShirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 15Woo- 727
146SurvivorFanTyKimmi- 11Shirin- 1Terry- 9Varner- 425
147TJ FaulknerShirin- 1Spencer- 8Stephen- 11Varner- 424
147Space CowboySavage- 11Shirin- 1Spencer- 8Varner- 424
147I was saying Boo-urnsCiera- 14Shirin- 1Terry- 9Vytas- 024
150Rob BrodeurPeih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Varner- 4Wentworth- 1522
151KingoftongaMonica- 8Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Wiglesworth- 620
151torchoflawPeih Gee- 2Savage- 11Shirin- 1Wiglesworth- 620
151DrVanNostrandCiera- 14Peih Gee- 2Varner- 4Vytas- 020
154BCG519Peih Gee- 2Shirin- 1Stephen- 11Varner- 418

Champions League

Well, you’ve done it. Your stupid idea to change the scoring has put Emma in first place. But she also lost Terry, so her lead may be short-lived. Four of us are currently within four points over Emma. SG Standard becomes the first one to lose both of his players, ensuring that he will finish outside of the top 4 and thus be relegated.

Team Player 1 Pts 1 Player 2 Pts 2 Total
Purple Rock Emma Wentworth 15 Terry 9 24
Dutch Savage 11 Kimmi 11 22
Purple Rock John Spencer 8 Keith 14 22
Disgruntled Goat Tasha 12 Abi Maria 9 21
ebolamonkey84 Jeremy 14 Wiglesworth 6 20
The Cage Varner 4 Kass 14 18
SG Standard Monica 8 Woo 7 15
fransesqua Joe 14 Shirin 1 15
tocantins Vytas 0 Ciera 14 14
nearlynina Peih Gee 2 Stephen 11 13

Savage League

XLPelican’s Team Pretty pulls back into the lead over Saturday Night Palsy’s Team Firefighter. But still within striking distance are Ms Woozah’s Team BayonStrong and Adam B’s Team Charlie Brown. Diego Armando becomes the second person to lose both of his players. Hey, you’ve got company now Gouis!

Team Player 1 Pts1 Player 2 Pts 2 Total
XL Pelican Wentworth 15 Joe 14 29
Saturday Night Palsy Jeremy 14 Keith 14 28
Ms Woozah Stephen 11 Kimmi 11 22
Adam B Spencer 8 Kass 14 22
Violina23 Tasha 12 Abi Maria 9 21
Purple Rock Matt Savage 11 Terry 9 20
Purple Rock Mark Peih Gee 2 Ciera 14 16
Count Bulletsula Monica 8 Wiglesworth 6 14
Diego Armando Varner 4 Woo 7 11
Gouis Vytas 0 Shirin 1 1

One more thing

I got tired of our old fantasy league standings image, so I made a new one. But I also dislike this one. If you have any suggestions for a better one, I’m all ears. If you want to feed my laziness by making it for me, that’d be even better.