Survivor Cambodia Week 5 Predictions and Poll

After one of us triumphantly predicted the most recent boot in Survivor Cambodia, the rest of us are playing catch-up. Can John achieve an insurmountable 2 point lead?


Andy: Here’s a prediction: Jeff Varner will still dominate the reunion.

John: Not dominate, but let’s put it this way: No way this pre-merge group is sitting in the audience.

Andy: He gets a segment.

John: If only you could bet on that in Vegas.

Mark: If we could bet Survivor in Vegas, we’d all be living on the street.


Andy: So, I’m not going to pretend like Angkor isn’t going to Tribal Council next week. But are they the only tribe going?

Matt: I say it’s a double boot. Like, first place is safe and the final two go and then we go back down to two tribes.

Mark: Bayon goes. And…Ta Keo?

Andy: Angkor?

Matt: How does Angkor not go?

John: Matt has already lost faith in troop-rallying Savage. Today is a sad day.

Matt: Savage can win a challenge by himself! But only literally by himself.

Mark: Angkor has a nice solid core now. Also I’m sick of them and am playing devil’s advocate because it’s not like trying to be smart has paid off so far.

Angkor Predictions

Andy: Alright, let’s start with the sad sacks: do we dare predict Abi again?


Mark: I mean, who else?

Matt: Woo?

John: Woo.

Emma: I really do think it could be Abi. I think this is the moment.

Andy: I think her usefulness has come to an end.

Matt: Yeah, I’ll say it’s Abi, officially ending phase one of the season. Or, the Abi phase

Emma: Woo’s connections to old Ta Keo are overblown. It’s just Kelly and Terry.

Mark: If it is Angkor, it’s gotta be Abi. Tasha is already tired of her. But it’s not, so she’s safe to ruin another week.


John: Tasha doesn’t have the headache of having to worry about Abi-Maria vacillating this time, so she thinks “Oh, this isn’t so bad.”

Andy: My concern: Savage may have given Abi his word. And he’s cornball enough to want to stick to it.

John: Also, everyone gets a wild notion that they can be the one to tame Abi and bring her along as a goat. I’m sure it’ll happen to Tasha and Savage.

Andy: I don’t feel like Savage plays the goat game.

Emma: Yeah, he wanted to go to the end with Ryno and Osten.

Matt: Savage plays a loyalty game, not a goat game. But Tasha… Tasha plays a goat game.

Mark: She did boot J’Tia over Spencer, though.

Andy: Keeping Abi could be Savage playing the loyalty game.

Matt: Agreed, Andy.

Emma: Tasha knows Woo could be a goat though. AND loyal.

John: Either way, my pick is Woo.

Andy: My pick is Abi-Maria. I’m hoping this closes the opening chapter of this season and we can start to get new stories.


Emma: Same.

Matt: Is there any way Savage and Tasha turn on each other?

Andy: No

John: No.

Emma: No.

Mark: No.


Matt: But yeah, I’m saying Abi too

John: Another reason it’s Woo: Tasha has to be aware of the fact that four Cagayaners are left. And that gives them a target.

Matt: I don’t think Tasha is thinking about that

John: I do. She’s not dumb.

Andy: Not voting out Abi would be dumb.

John: Touché.

Emma: I don’t think Tasha is the one who gets targeted though. She probably wouldn’t mind throwing it on Kass.

Andy: Or Spencer. Tasha knows just how much work it is to try and work with Abi. No thanks.


Bayon Predictions

Andy: Who do we think Kimmi was yelling at in the preview?

Emma: I don’t recall, I remember her saying someone is a troublemaker.

Matt: Oh, Stephen then. Stephen is the troublemaker

I have a Bayon shocker prediction: my prediction is Spencer.


Andy: How is that shocking?

Matt: I feel people are talking about his “good” edit

Andy: Like his winner’s edit in Cagayan?

Matt: Touché.

Mark: No, Spencer is going to make it. And be the real Stephen to Jeremy’s JT.

Emma: My Bayon prediction is Monica.

Mark: I’m going with Monica. Because ruining our pre-show predictions is the show’s MO. Her little plan is going to backfire.


Emma: That’s my theory as well. She’ll try too hard to get rid of Spencer; Jeremy and Stephen won’t be on board.

Mark: All Spencer needs is Wiggles, Jeremy, and Stephen. Kelly may be clueless but she’s not dumb.

Andy: Why vote out Monica though?

Mark: Doesn’t harm the tribe.

Emma: Not good at challenges and being too sneaky?

John: In what universe is Monica sneaky?

Andy: Sneakily wanting to vote out the biggest threat from the other side?

Emma: No, but people might think that.

Andy: I just don’t see why you vote out Monica at this point in the game. Three votes ago, maybe. Especially since she’s going to sit the challenge out.

Emma: If she goes from quiet and unassuming to suddenly pushing a vote.

John: She can try to swing a vote all she wants. She still needs people to align with her to make that happen. And I don’t see it.

Matt: I mean it really comes down to Jeremy right?


Emma: And Jeremy wants to work with the threats. He wants his meat shields.

Matt: And Jeremy’s story is a little bit about bonding with Stephen and Spencer, but I think it’s more about using Stephen and Spencer

Mark: Exactly. Plus Jeremy has an idol.

John: I’ll say Wigles. Everyone who ever aligned with Varner goes down in flames!

Matt: I’m saying anyone who ever allied with Abi goes down in flames

John: It can be two things, Matt!

Matt: And after next week everyone who voted for Vytas except for Wentworth is gone

John: Incorrect. Wigles never voted for Vytas.

Matt: That is why it’s Spencer John!

Andy: Kimmi apparently was not on Team Savage.

Matt: Oh yeah? Kimmi on the outs early on?

Mark: Why do you think Varner told Kelly about Monica and Kimmi?

Andy: Yes. She told Varner this at the swap. Apparently.

Matt: I forget how do we know this?

Emma: Varner’s exit press

Matt: Oh right, she said Savage is a rat

Emma: She said don’t trust him.

John: I’m going to be annoyed if it’s Kimmi this week after I’ve predicted her boot multiple times.

Andy: Anyway, I think it’s Kimmi.

Matt: Haha! Andy trolling John!


John: Fuck that. I’m not locked in. I’ll switch to Kimmi.

Andy: She has an argument at camp, gets loud, annoys everyone, gets the boot. If it’s a double-boot and they go second, she’ll even be sixth out.

Matt: I mean that is a very Kimmi way to go

Andy: It is THE Kimmi way to go. So John: , you completely agree with me and my flawless logic then?



Emma: Hahahahaha

John: No, fuck it. Kimmi.

Matt: Spencer. Come at me, internet!

Ta Keo Predictions

Andy: Alright, any reason to change our Terry pick for Ta Keo?


Emma: I still say Terry.

John: Still Terry.

Andy: But he was a hero this week!

Still Terry

Matt: Yeah, Terry

Mark: He’s still the leading candidate.

Andy: Also, they’re not going to Tribal Council.

Mark: Backup: Keith. He wouldn’t be able to hear them talking.


Andy: But what about Ciera?

Emma: Who?

John: Ciera should just write (mom) after the name of everyone she votes for.

Savage (mom)

Tasha (mom)


Andy: Here’s a caution I give to everyone: let’s not read too much into edits just yet. Unless you think Abi-Maria is going to win Survivor. This season has been really heavy on the stories of four people.

Mark: I’m kind of done reading edits. It’s gotten us so far.

Emma: It’s funny how people are like, “So and so is going home because they have no screen time!” While others are like, “They must be safe, they have no screen time yet!”

John: I don’t actually think her invisibility this early means anything.

Andy: Nothing but her being on tribes with no stories.


Miscellaneous Prediction

Andy: Prediction from hell: it’s finally Abi’s time to get voted out, but instead she finds and plays the idol.

Emma: I will cry.

John: Andy, going full darkest timeline here.

Andy: You realize that not only did they get the weak players, the shitty camp, and no supplies… Angkor is also getting the shitty looking idol.

John: YES.

Emma: Abi gets it, thinks it’s fake, thinks someone specifically plants it there to trick her, murders everyone.


Andy: If Abi got the idol, I think I’d have to join #TeamAbi just out of submission. “Fine universe! You win!”

Emma: You’re nothing if not a front runner.

John: Abi gets it, thinks it’s fake, hands it to Savage and says “What the fuck is this?! I don’t want your fake idol bullshit!” Boom, Savage has an idol.

Matt: I would soil my pants in glee

Emma: I feel like her murdering everyone is more likely but okay.

John: It can be both, Emma!

Andy: It would be so funny if Abi’s paranoia is such that she thinks someone planted fake instructions to the idol just to mess with her.


Mark: Wait, but if they’re at challenges…

Matt: I was wondering where they would have hidden an idol in the blindfold challenge, I mean they are blindfolded!

Emma: Oh man, that would have been amazing.

Mark: Probably near the mat. Or on the caller box, haha.

John: Yeah, on the caller box.

Emma: Oh god, can you imagine if you found the clue and then had to sit out?

Matt: “No seriously guys, I can do this, let me do this!”

Andy: Caller box. So if you find the clue, you need to insist on being the caller.

Matt: And just hope the other callers don’t notice you.

Andy: It would be the easiest find ever, but you could suck at the challenge. Imagine Keith trying to suggest he should be the caller?




Andy: “Aw hell, I don’t know. I just wanted this idol”.


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If Angkor goes to Tribal Council, who get voted out?

  • Abi-Maria Gomes (80% Votes)
  • Woo Hwang (18% Votes)
  • Tasha Fox (2% Votes)
  • Andrew Savage (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 61

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If Bayon goes to Tribal Council, who get voted out?

  • Monica Padilla (41% Votes)
  • Kelly Wigglesworth (28% Votes)
  • Kimmi Kappenberg (23% Votes)
  • Spencer Bledsoe (7% Votes)
  • Stephen Fishbach (2% Votes)
  • Jeremy Collins (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 61

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If Ta Keo goes to Tribal Council, who get voted out?

  • Terry Deitz (85% Votes)
  • Ciera Eastin (3% Votes)
  • Joe Anglim (3% Votes)
  • Keith Nale (3% Votes)
  • Kelley Wentworth (3% Votes)
  • Kass McQuillen (2% Votes)

Total Voters: 60

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