Survivor: David vs. Goliath Bonus Content Roundup – Week 4

Brad shares the best bonus scenes from the previous episode of Survivor: Alien vs. Predator.

This Week In Secret Scenes

“Do Or Die, And I Did It!”

Here we see more of Gabby’s personality apart from the anxious, paranoid side. It’s apparent that the lows are low, but the highs are high. This win is clearly a confidence builder for her, and if when the Green tribe dominates its way to the merge intact, Gabby may have evolved into a new player entirely.

And if you want the full confessional used in this scene, that clip would be here.

This Week In Confessionals

“The Buffs Drop, And The Tribes Swap”

For everyone wondering what’s up with Alison’s edit, here’s four-and-a-half minutes of Alison. She certainly gives a better confessional than Carl (and frankly, better than half of last season’s F6), so make of her purpling what you will.

We know that the Green tribe isn’t losing any challenges. But the Green tribe also seems to recognize that they won’t be losing any challenges. Alison says about her tribe, “Jackpot! We’ve got brawn; we’ve got brains; and we’ve got some beauty too. This is a great tribe.” And in addition, she only has nice things to say about Christian and Gabby. Alison has been getting “good vibes” despite only facing off with them in challenges, and she also respects their intellect and puzzle-solving abilities.

And at the end, Alison talks about Carl going to Exile Island. She feels bad for hims as she would hate going there herself, but she notes that Carl is probably coming back with an advantage or an idol. Davie has a similar hope that Carl will bring back an idol in his confessional, and the fact that people are anticipating that Carl won’t be returning empty-handed from Exile doesn’t bode well for Carl.

“Tiva Is Tougher Than A $2 Steak”

John echoes a lot of what Alison says above about his respect for Christian and Gabby and about the Green tribe, though he adds one important element to the latter: the group dynamic. He thinks that the Green tribe will work together extremely well, which will only help them win challenges. I’m wondering if that chemistry will be a boon to Christian’s and particularly Gabby’s games once they get to the merge.

“We Just Can’t Catch A Break”

Time for Brad’s math minute: Is this outcome where the Davids are in the minority on all three tribes as “unthinkable” as Nick says? Well, in order for this to happen, there needs to be a David going to Exile so that there are 9 Goliaths and 6 Davids left to split the remaining tribes, 3-2 each (the only majority by which the Goliaths can hold onto control in all three tribes). Dividing the number of ways this can happen by the number of ways any one of the 16 players could have gone to Exile and the remaining 15 be split into three groups (we’re ignoring the gender divisions here, and that should wash out anyway), gives us about an 8.7% chance of the tribe breakdowns we currently have. Even giving a 2% margin of error here, the Davids had at worst 9-to-1 odds of this particular outcome. For reference, the Rockets and Lakers are currently at 8-to-1 and 10-to-1 odds (respectively) for a title this season. (Editor’s note: shameless attempt by Vegas to steal the money of local Lakers’ fans).

For everything else in this clip, Nick describes himself and Lyrsa as “thick as thieves” (even though they didn’t nickname their alliance?) and recognizes, just as the Green tribe recognized their challenge prowess, that the Orange tribe isn’t the strongest.

“We Just Got Here, Lady. Let’s Just Chill”

Do you want to hear Lyrsa’s take on Natalie Cole? Of course, you do. Here it is. I’m actually not going to go super in-depth on this one because if the preview is anything to go by, we’ll get plenty of this storyline next week. But I want to point this out: CBS is going to absurd lengths to hide Lyrsa’s Totoro tattoo.

It was visible in the pre-season materials, but ever since then, they’ve had her roll down her sleeves or sit at a weird angle like in this confessional. The last two weeks they’ve blurred out her shoulder entirely. I really don’t understand why they can’t just give her a long-sleeved shirt.

“You Just Gotta Ride The Wave”

Alec was never not going to jump ship. This confessional was filmed shortly after the tribe swap, and Alec is already talking about the benefits of working with Davie and Elizabeth. So this might be an indication that Natalia’s behavior wasn’t the definitive thing that got her booted.

Alec is contradicting himself here too, which is not necessarily surprising, but it supports the notion many viewers have that Alec isn’t the brightest knife in the shed. He talks about how he’s thinking long term while everyone else is playing for the short term, and then seamlessly transitions into discussing how he needs to “ride the wave in front of him.” Those, uh, aren’t the same thing. In fact, they’re opposites.

“I Didn’t Want To Quit”

Normally I don’t include the Day After clips because they often run long. But let’s put this to bed: Jeff called it a quit. Other players this week called it a quit. Bi calls it a quit. And no one judges her for it.

You can also listen to Bi talk about her decision to leave, how she’s grown, her greatest moments, and her regrets from the game.

This Week In Gifable Moments

When you’re debating whether your new student should undergo the Seven Wonders and vie for the mantle of Supreme.

When you think you know a person, and then you find out that they don’t like Cambodia.

When you finally get a word in over Andy on the podcast.

When your idiot son texts you to let you know that he met with a Russian operative for dirt on your opponent even though you’re trying to stay removed from it to maintain plausible deniability so you have to write out a statement for him saying that you weren’t involved but that only leads the press to start asking more questions.

When you’re playing Mario Kart with your friend and you’ve been finishing in a close second behind them for the first three races but they went over the side and are now in 10th place so you’re about to lock up the win but then they hit you with a blue shell right before the finish line.