Survivor David vs Goliath Week Nine Predictions

Welcome to your week nine predictions, AKA the week when I’ve really gotten tired of copying and pasting this post week after the week.

Staff Predictions


I laid out the why and how of it being Dan on the podcast. If you didn’t listen or don’t remember my explanation, just read all these other predictions. It’s basically the same.


I’m down to Dan or Angelina. Everyone on the island seems to be worried about Angelina blowing up their games or to be gunning for Dan, who’s the largest threat right now. And while each of the two has crosshairs set for the other, I think Angelina will make the first move. She’s wary of her fellow Goliaths, and she’s less likely to cling to the slim margin the Goliaths have over the Davids. Add in the unified Davids and all the advantages in their collective pocket and the boot will be Dan.


A lot might have to happen for this prediction to come true, but I’m also aware it’s probably not an original thought, as it seems to be the story we’re being set up for. Now only behind 6-5, the Davids know this is their chance to even things up, and they have their sights set on Dan. Once the Hot Cop loses immunity, he is completely stripped of his power, though it will be some time before he realizes it. At tribal council, Nick steals Dan’s vote. No matter, that’s what his trusty second idol is for! He confidently plays it for himself only to be devastated and (understandably) confused when Probst says the idol had been nullified. Dan is voted out, but at least he gets to have a Brochacho reunion at Ponderosa.


The real issue with predicting this week is whether you believe the voting will continue along original tribal lines, where the original Goliaths are still up one member. Alec obviously betrayed that Goliath alliance last time, and seems to have interest in working with the other side. So while the Davids have the vampire vote advantage, it may not be necessary if Alec is willing to just flip to their side. And if Dan doesn’t win immunity, I can see Alec voting with the Davids to take out Dan- which means that we might actually see the idol nullifier used correctly as Dan gets sent home.


I’m going to go against the grain here. Kara is showing signs of defecting, and so Dan’s second idol is about to become public knowledge. I bet that Mike’s plan will get back to Christian, too. (Alec told Nick whose idea it was.) So why target the guy with an idol who is known to play it for his alliance, and instead pull off a similar move as last week to target a perceived power center? If Kara switches her vote, then Nick can save the vote steal for 9. Carl can use the idol nullifier on their target. Thus: Mike goes home. Even better if Dan plays his idol for himself and wastes two in a row. That dunce edit has to catch up to him…


On the podcast I said Dan. On the one hand, he is a clear target, but on the other he has an idol. But on the third hand there is an idol nullifier out there. In some ways it feels too soon for Dan. He feels like he has more story to tell. But I’m not sure who it would be if it isn’t Dan. If the David’s plan fails maybe it is Davie who showed last week that he was a threat. Or maybe the David’s aim for Kara instead of Dan. But I’ll play it safe and stick with Dan.

Andy Brad Emma John
Mark Matt
2nd Boot Lyrsa Carl Nick Nick Nick Jessica Nick
3rd Boot Natalie Natalie Natalie Dan Natalie Kara Natalie
4th Out Gabby Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi Bi
6th Boot Natalie Natalie Natalie Natalie Natalie Natalie
7th Boot Angelina Angelina Angelina Lyrsa Angelina Lyrsa Angelina
8th Boot Angelina Alec Angelina Alec Alec Carl Alec
9th Boot Angelina Dan Angelina Carl Carl Angelina Dan
10th Out Dan Dan Dan Dan Mike Dan

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  • Dan (55% Votes)
  • Kara (17% Votes)
  • Mike White (15% Votes)
  • Angelina (6% Votes)
  • Alison (3% Votes)
  • Davie (2% Votes)
  • Carl (1% Votes)
  • Gabby (1% Votes)
  • Alec (0% Votes)
  • Christian (0% Votes)
  • Nick (0% Votes)

Total Voters: 88

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